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How to give up alcohol

Most drinkers never admit that they are alcoholics.And even though deep down they understand the complexity of the situation and realize that the addiction was a disease, but loud say it can not.How to force myself to say goodbye to harmful addiction?As this is not a temporary phenomenon for a few days, but forever?

Strongman, a man whose alcohol-related personal tragedy or other force majeure, it is possible to say goodbye to.But according to statistics stop drinking may be only one out of ten people with the help of relatives, doctors, and special aids.Not all alcoholics or people are often drank strong personalities.Quite the contrary.Most of them involuntarily.But if there is an inner desire and awareness of the need to stop drinking, then it is good.And the first step is to analyze the situation, search for the causes that led to alcoholism.As a rule, it is difficult to remove them, because they were in the past.It can be fired from work, loss of a loved one, betrayal.Can I change this?No, of cours

e, but you can change your attitude to these circumstances.Take them for granted and think, how to live, not to fill the mountain spirits.

Surely drinking person does not do it alone.Therefore, the second step is the isolation of a group of people or a person with whom connects the bottle.In order to stop such communication, it is sometimes useful and to change their place of residence.

The third step is to find an interesting occupation or the return to the old hobby.This will help not to think about alcohol, take the time and turn your attention to something that is interesting hands and head.

bad will happen if at this time to communicate with people who themselves have stopped drinking and returned to a healthy life, found himself in something.Their advice, recipes to get rid of addiction will be very useful.

If drinking man has a family, the wife and children, after unsuccessful attempts to persuade the words to stop drinking, should put the question bluntly: alcohol or family.Thereafter contact with drinking must be reduced to a minimum.For example, to move to live with their parents.And if a person does not quite degraded, it may be left alone, he will understand what has exchanged family.Such a radical measure on the part of relatives helps.But then the family should be possible to ensure that, to have been drinking as little as possible reasons for drinking.No trips to the anniversaries, birthday celebrations, important dates in the house should not be.The only way to permanently give up the alcohol.

goodbye to alcohol - is an act.This step can unit.But each drinker given chances to make such an act.It is not too late to stop drinking ever.Alcoholism is curable.Just need an incentive to get rid of dependence.Very often, this impairment of health.Consider that a heart attack or liver pain will intensify and become more frequent, that memory will continue to weaken, you will age twice as fast.And in the end, you will cease to be a man in the fullest sense of the word.After all, alcohol inhibits the sexual function.Surely, you have already experienced.

What can heal from alcohol, not out there somewhere, but inside you.It is your belief and desire.The desire to have the majority.And faith, again, at the units.

Faith - an appeal to a higher power to help yourself heal from addiction.Every believer has a guardian angel, which every second is near.Of course, if you are a baptized man.By consuming alcohol, you are distancing yourself from your guardian angel, because it violates one of the 10 Commandments: "You shall not make for yourself an idol."In your case, the idol is alcohol.To him you find yourself hostage and distancing his Angel.But if you call upon him, turn to God, will read a special prayer, going to church, confession and communion, your spiritual powers will be strengthened.You will be easier to say goodbye to self-destructive addiction forever.