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How can I help my husband stop drinking

addiction to alcohol - the trouble for relatives of people dependent person.It is painful to watch, as the ruin oneself by drink smart and healthy man, and even harder if the husband.How to help him say goodbye to the disease or addiction yet?What a woman can do to save the man she loved?

between addiction to alcohol and alcoholism runs a fine line.And clearly establish when the person is already possible to enroll in Alcoholics discharge difficult.Yes, and I do not want to!And what is the dependent person to hear his wife's mouth that he is an alcoholic?Even if it is true and all the symptoms of alcoholism there, do not rush to call him, tell him it's in the eyes.Recognize a drunkard is capable of, at best, one man out of ten.I'm sure your husband is not one of them.Perhaps he only occasionally abuse alcohol.Therefore it is necessary to clearly define the complexity of the problem.There are some men, who all his life drinking regularly 2-3 times a week and do not drink too much.Halter they usually two:

support the company and to honor someone or to thank colleagues, friends, partners in this way for some service.

And the word "ruin oneself by drink" means that the person spends their money, and sometimes the past, wine, beer, vodka.This involves the quality of alcohol is not.Typically, over time it has all the same brew it or cologne.This is a typical alcoholism.

If the husband goes to work every day, gives his wife almost the entire salary, but every weekend and during the week while away the evening over a beer or vodka with friends, and typed, as they say, as a lord, he has not an alcoholic.Surely, he just does not know how to drink, and it put an end early.Although that is very close to alcoholism.In this situation, immediately begs two questions: who he is drinking, and why?It is obvious that his friends on the booze - the people of his same level, do not control the dose of the use of alcohol and not able to stop in time.Of course, they did not stop and your husband.Do not put in a taxi and sent home.On the contrary, after the beer they still go to the bar for cognac.

Smart woman will not run on the bars and pull out her husband.Yes, and he will not do for his wife.Well, how it will look in the eyes of his colleagues?And tears, most men do not like.

Smart woman will ask a second question: why?And it will look for an answer in itself, in my family.What pulls her husband to vodka?Why friends it is better than at home, and what problems he "washes down"?

should try to talk to him casually.You do not need to talk to sit down and take in an interview with her husband.Men rarely give direct answers to direct questions.Unobtrusive conversation heart to heart will allow the woman to find out what excites a man may have problems at work, which she did not know or are problems coming.In general, men rarely dedicate their wives in the negative aspects and conflicts at work.They do not want women to know about their humiliation and unwilling to "fall" in her eyes.It is easier to hide from his wife the real state of things, rather than admit that, for example, fall under the reduction.And only the moral support of his wife, confident man that she is with him, and without a job, in sorrow and joy, would not allow him to go on drinking alcohol.If a woman is in difficulties will instill hope in her husband and treated with great care, the degradation of alcohol and he did not get any.On the contrary, it will force a second breath and a fresh start.

What does a woman do if her husband had already crossed the proverbial line?Let us not ask where the wife was earlier, and why did not fight for a loved one.

Many women come up with the idea about coding.This is an option, but it should be borne in mind that a full guarantee of liberation, he does not give an illness.It is necessary that the husband began to understand the problem and expressed the slightest desire to get rid of dependence.

There is a category of men who the next day drinking field absolutely do not remember anything.In such a situation can help the video.Make it a secret from her husband and show the next day, when he was sober.Just show him the movie interesting in silence and without morals.Perhaps after watching you, too, will not wait for an explanation and an apology.Men often make their own conclusions, in silence.But doing.

main task in getting rid of alcoholism is to isolate her husband from the company with which he usually drinks.Sometimes, the family simply move to another city, to parents, to change the situation, work and start a new stage of life for the sake of her husband.

In the end, go to the expert in narcology.Talk to him.Do whatever you can.Try new options, and with a strong desire you will succeed.

help to get rid of her husband, depending of your faith.Go to church.If you and he baptized and married by then your prayer for my husband to the icon "Inexhaustible Chalice" will necessarily result.This icon can be purchased at the church bench and put a pillow under her husband.It is unlikely that he will read a prayer from drinking the back of the icons.But it can make you.Believe it.Pray for her husband, and soon it will return to a healthy lifestyle continues.