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How to quit smoking

Among smokers, there is probably a man who has ever tried to quit smoking.However, nicotine is a very powerful drug, addictive.Therefore, from trying to get rid of real nicotine addiction pass unit.How to join them?

Very often, keen to get rid of smoking, a person becomes a hostage to the circumstances, and foreign influence."Well, the last time with colleagues on a smoke break - and give up!".This phrase - no more than an attempt to excuse and delay rejection of cigarettes.The habit of going for a smoke, talk with a cigarette in your mouth is a brake on the implementation of this goal.Another popular excuse is that the man allegedly afraid of gaining weight, quit smoking.But in reality it is the same as the delay in the process, self-justification of his weakness.

Yes, sometimes to give up cigarettes are starting to get fat.And it happens because the restored normal sensitivity of taste receptors in the mouth.Then even ordinary food seems to be very tasty.To resist is difficult, so begins a kind of re

placement therapy is one other habit - overeating.But this can be avoided.It should be constantly kept in the apartment, home fruit and vegetables.Just quenching thirst in these products will never lead to a set of excess weight.And if you're in the period of refusal of cigarettes consumed sour berry, then say goodbye to the bad habit will be even easier.In their structure there are a lot of vitamin C (ascorbic acid).It promotes better metabolism.Even if you eat a little excess, the gastrointestinal tract by means of vitamin C will convert food into energy, not fat.Some smokers with the experience helps a bottle of mineral water, which is always there.It deceives the appetite, suppresses cravings, switching attention.

Another popular excuse is that smoking is supposedly protects against Parkinson's disease.This opinion was expressed at the time by American scientists.They suggested that there is a certain nicotine neuroprotective.However, he has not yet been recovered and supplied to our body is not pure, and with the thousands of other harmful components of tobacco smoke - cyanide benzpirenomi, ammonia, cadmium and many other carcinogens.This means that the possible protective effect of Parkinson's disease will be reduced to zero the risk of a huge number of diseases, including cancer.

So pulling parting with cigarettes - just procrastination.So you never decide to do a man's act.The best way out - just do not take into the hands of a cigarette pack, after reading these lines.Quit smoking need as happens all hands on deck at work.That is, you need to throw a longer and better than yesterday, if you have not smoked today.Single universal advice to all smokers simply does not exist.After all, you'd better know what you can and push to get you to smoke.Perhaps the argument?If you have experience win the debate and seek a hard goals, and such a noble purpose to dispute you reach.Only argue for something interesting and important for you.

Another motif that will help you say goodbye to the bad habit may be a promise close.For example, a promise to his wife that he quit smoking for her birthday.Especially it will be useful if it does not carry tobacco.Is not it a gift?And exclusive, and demonstration of your male power.Believe me, a wise woman will appreciate a present is much higher than French perfume or a beautiful bouquet of flowers.You simply "grow" in her eyes, like a man and a friend.And ate you have kids, then this father act simply on the 200% increase your credibility in the lives of children and they will be an excellent prevention of smoking by example.

Temptations and most people do not allow smokers "tie" with a bad habit."I want to, but I can not!" - A standard phrase that sounds from the mouth of a weak man.He just is not enough for this spiritual power.After smoking - is evil, temptation, and all the bad things much faster and more part of our lives than is good.If you are a baptized person, then go to church.Buy candles and put them to the image of the Mother of God and St. Nicholas from the mental to help get rid of a bad habit.The image of this saint really works wonders!Do this three times, and so you will ensure the support of the higher powers in good faith.You can also order a prayer for a good cause.Take a few rubles in the church on a good deal, than a pack of cigarettes.And it certainly will help you quit smoking!Believe it, try and pray!Just talk about it nobody wants.

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