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How to stop drinking alcohol alone

reasons for which a person begins drinking alcohol regularly and becomes a hostage of alcohol dependence - a lot.However, sooner or later, alcoholism leads to disastrous consequences, so many alcoholics are aware of the seriousness of the situation and are trying to overcome this dangerous habit.And more often to get rid of alcohol addiction want without the help of professionals.On this, too, have their own reasons, and for them we will not talk.What is important is that the person is aware of the problem and wants to stop drinking.Therefore, our goal is to help as much as possible as the alcoholic abstinence from alcohol may be easier to transfer and return it to a healthy lifestyle.In today's post we will look at the key recommendations independently to stop drinking alcohol, and find out what happens to the body after giving up alcohol.

first step is to clearly define the reasons for refusal of alcohol.Take a blank sheet and write down how you see your life without drinking alcohol.Put a goal for yo

urself and remember about it every time you want to drink again.

At first, get rid of alcohol addiction are advised to avoid the noisy companies and events where alcohol is present.Organize your leisure time so that you do not have time even thinking about alcohol.Sport, travel, busy at work, hobbies - all this will help to distract and to tune in to a new life way.Change the environment that surrounds you and lead to alcohol dependence.Meet new people, attend Alcoholics Anonymous clubs or join a community in a social network, in which there are people who have already won the "green snake".

also want to also use drugs or tested folk remedies that help reduce cravings for alcohol.Herbal, restoring the body after alcohol intoxication, to help you easily move the adaptation period and not be broken.Drink mint tea, St. John's wort, wormwood, yarrow, etc.

It is important that you have had the support of the family.You should understand that these people wish you good health and only, so for them you just have to go back to normal life.If you have difficulty, do not hesitate to tell them about it, to talk to, and even cried.It is better to be weak in the period of adaptation than "none" during the rest of their lives.

Well, now let's see what happens in the body after giving up alcohol.It is no secret that it was a sharp rejection of the alcohol causes the patient discomfort.Therefore, you need to know about them and be ready to fight for sobriety, despite all the difficulties.

For a long period, your body is already accustomed to receive a portion of the alcohol, so a sharp denial from him appears the so-called "withdrawal syndrome".During this period, the person becomes more aggressive and irritable, appears apathy, insomnia or nightmares.To help the body to overcome all these unpleasant consequences helps sport.Oddly enough, but exercise helps to oxygenate every cell in the body and promotes the production of endorphins - the hormones of happiness.As a result, the body will be restored, and the symptoms gradually disappear.

are also highly effective drugs with sedative effects, against which the risk of alcoholic psychosis is greatly reduced.

to compensate for a deficiency of vitamins, which provoked the alcohol, it is necessary to enrich your diet healthy foods or taking a multivitamin.

are cases when after the failure of a person of alcohol begin to "float" chronic diseases.This occurs against the backdrop of a weakened immune system, so it is very important to strengthen the protective functions of the body.Sports, exercise, walk in the air - all this will help to reduce the unpleasant consequences of alcohol dependence.

In conclusion, independently stop drinking - it is difficult, but very real.So please be patient, the support of friends and experts, and you are sure to get back to normal life.

Good luck!

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