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How to get out of their own binge

In fact, any alcoholic beverage is a drug.It should be understood that frequent alcohol consumption and heavy drinking of varying lengths - this addiction, and addiction - a disease that should be treated.Because binge can get out on their own, but if you are not confident in their abilities, it is better to seek help from professionals.

should be noted that binge - a further development of alcohol withdrawal syndrome, but there is a new dose of alcohol is not able to give pleasure, and the need to maintain a "normal" state of the alcoholic.Binge can last from 2-3 days to a month or more, but in any case there is an intoxication by acetaldehyde.This substance is formed in the assimilation of alcohol and should be neutralized in the liver.However, the abuse of alcohol liver can not cope, and that's when there is alcohol poisoning.This is poisoning you will have to overcome, which is quite difficult, because alcohol is already settled in metabolic processes in the body.An alcoholic can independently exit

from binge only at the cost of great exertion in the absence of access to alcohol.

The first step is to plan the day when you decide by yourself to get out of the binge.If a strong hangover, or if you drink a few days, be sure to get special preparations for a hangover.Taking them, you have 6-8 hours will be able to completely eliminate the symptoms of this unpleasant condition.In the morning, try not to freshen the nip.You need to hold out for a few hours to feel better within a couple of hours.

There are certain rules, without observing that come out of the binge will be much harder.First you need to drink as much fluid, it will help the body get rid of toxins.At night it is desirable to drink at least 3-4 liters of any liquid, but it is best after binge help various juices containing citric acid (orange, lemon), dairy products (yogurt, milk, yogurt, buttermilk), pickles, herbal infusions (drinkinstead of tea, without sugar) and kvass.You should drink and plain water, which activates the kidneys and bring toxins.It is best to tie with a deep heavily in the evening, pre-selected for the case a few days to be able to cleanse the body and stop drinking.In the morning, as soon as you wake up, be sure to take a contrast shower to activate the work of the body, and then a few charcoal tablets (1 tablet per 10 kg body weight).Because medications are very effective "Corvalol" (to relieve irritability and as a sedative), "Alco-Seltzer" (pain), "Zoreks" (removes toxins), extracts of valerian and Leonurus (sedatives).Also for the removal of hangover symptoms may be used Aspirin and Citramon.

Under no circumstances do not allow any physical activity, only bed rest and short walks in the fresh air.Many people are often advised to exercise, but it should not do, unless you want to get a stroke or a word delirium tremens.After prolonged use of alcohol exhausted body, at the limit, so the sudden load is not recommended at the exit of the binge.It is not advisable in the morning and "freshen the nip," as the already weakened body will again be forced to deal with toxins.In addition, "opohmelku" often leads to binge continued.In the morning the person wakes up, freshen the nip and drunk again, postponing withdrawal from binge the next day.

Average gastric lavage helps to cleanse the body.This method is the most effective work after a short period of time after eating or drinking.To induce vomiting, it is recommended to drink plenty of fluids.If using all available means at hand and you do not see improvement in the state, it is recommended to immediately seek medical help, because after long years of drinking alcohol hangover may go into delirium tremens.If you have any symptoms such as frequent palpitations, tremors throughout the body, constant vomiting and fever, do not risk your health, call an ambulance.

At independent output from the binge is not recommended to see and interact with fellow alcoholics, even on the phone.Nor can a lot of smoke.When a man drinks a lot, a lot of smoke and, therefore, the consequences of poor health after being stopped drinking, are partly manifestations of nicotine intoxication.It is necessary to minimize the number of cigarettes smoked per day, to help the body get rid of the alcohol toxins.As already mentioned, it does not expose the body in heavy physical stress, because you can easily get a stroke or delirium tremens.

with the consequences of a long binge help manage a few simple dishes and drinks.Very effective milkshakes.For their preparation, you need to add half a cup of milk a few tablespoons of honey and a banana.Then whisk all until smooth and drink.The banana contain elements such as magnesium, potassium, and reduces the effects of mead alcohol.

cope with a hangover well help oily broth of beef or lamb.It is advisable to make a thick soup, simple recipes for its preparation can be found on the Internet.Lemon juice is a wonderful folk remedy for fighting with a hangover.It speeds up the body's processing of nutrients, which makes it possible to quickly get rid of the toxins that are left in the body after drinking.The juice of 2-3 lemons you need to squeeze and diluted with warm water.The result is a lemon tea which should be drunk without sugar several times a day.Also tea can be added and a few spoonfuls of honey.

It should be noted that the independent exit of the drunken state you are only a little relief posposobstvuete output alcoholic toxins from the body naturally through the excretory system.The psychiatrist also uses drugs, introducing them through a drip, which, of course, more quickly and efficiently.In addition, in self-overcoming binge you have to constantly monitor themselves and their health.But it is possible that the first night you will not be able to sleep on alcoholic brittle, and a professional psychiatrist will take on these challenges, and in the most difficult period will immerse you in a dream with the help of medication.The psychiatrist also select the optimum composition of the dropper, it continuously monitors the patient's condition and make adjustments if necessary.

course, yourself to get out of the binge is quite possible, but it is only the first step towards a normal life.Once the hangover retreat, necessarily need to visit a doctor-psychiatrist and acknowledge that there is a problem that needs solving.Self-delusion and overconfidence can throw a man back to the bottom of the abyss, from which it is just so hard to choose.