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Hiccups by smoking

Sometimes a person who smokes, has attacks of hiccups.They may become regular.Such attacks do not take place, even when smoking a cigarette brand change.Every time hiccupping begins when smoking.What's the matter?Try to understand.

hiccups - is the body's physiological response to stimuli.There is usually involuntary and it just goes away.But when combined with smoking, it can be a symptom of serious diseases, in particular - to develop as a consequence of an overload of stomach and drinking, smoking, and exposure to cold, mental disorders.Chronic hiccups may be an indication of disorders of the nervous system and encephalitis, meningitis, and even cancer.Among the possible reasons - intervertebral hernia, squeezing the nerve roots, a tumor of the esophagus or lungs, other tumors in the body.Often the rhythmic contraction of the diaphragm and in the background there are stomach problems, such as pancreatitis and gastric irritation, worms and biliary dyskinesia, inflammation of the stomach.Therefore, in

case of the hiccups in the process of smoking should consult a doctor.After all, the process of smoking itself is a factor which not only provokes respiratory disorders, but also exacerbates the existing disease.Tobacco still nobody helped goodbye to the disease in the body.Cigarettes, on the contrary, delaying the treatment process, negate it, poisoning the body.

It often happens that the cause of hiccups is just smoking.In this case, we can talk about the poisoning of the body a huge dose of nicotine and its combustion products.Such hiccups called toxic.It can occur after general anesthesia or severe infections caused by general intoxication.

Hiccups can start because of inconsistencies surrounding air temperature and cigarette smoke.When a person smokes while eating and talking, something inside his stomach gets a lot of air, which also causes bouts of Icahn.

This unpleasant phenomenon may appear in the smokers with the experience because the air entering the stomach, relaxes the sphincter muscles, and this contributes to the release of gastric juice.Thus there is irritation of the stomach wall to the excitation of nerve endings.In turn, such excitement provokes contraction of the diaphragm.If regular bouts of hiccups, then it is necessary to consult a gastroenterologist.You may need to help the endocrinologist and a neurologist.

No need to be a doctor to know about the only right way to get rid of hiccups during smoking - say goodbye to cigarettes for good.This may not work if the cause of the problem was some disease.When systematic attacks regardless of whether addiction person needs to be examined.

If hiccups in smoking occurred for the first time, you can remove it with warm water or tea.Warm liquid soothe irritated stomach, dilute acid concentration.Also, water will exit from the stomach air, increasing the pressure therein.

addition of warm water to help with hiccups is capable of rapid breathing.You just need to stick his tongue and breathe in twice as often as normal rhythm.Such breathing stimulates the posterior pharyngeal zone.You can just hold your breath.Sometimes eliminate the hiccups while smoking helps effect on biologically active points.They are in the sternocleidomastoid muscle area, that is, above the collarbone.

There are traditional methods of solving problems.This, for example, fear of man hiccupping.The method is quite effective.

So when regular contractions of the diaphragm arising Smoking it is necessary to consult a doctor, so as not to miss the opportunity to onset of the disease.