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How to quit smoking marijuana

Unfortunately, smoking substances like marijuana, more and more legalized in the world.Today, drugs made from hemp, become very popular, not decreasing.Marijuana users begin to people of different social categories.It bums and bohemians.It is especially dangerous when marijuana is popular among young people.How to say goodbye to this terrible habit?

If we compare the action of marijuana and marijuana with other drugs, their impact on the psyche is less pronounced, it is stretched in time.Therefore there is the illusory nature of the normal state.However, we must take into account that hemp preparations contain cannabinol and tetrahydrocannabinol that cause psychoactive effects on humans.The use of these two chemicals and just creates mental and physical dependence in humans.

Physical dependence.Compared to hard drugs, physical dependence on drugs such as marijuana, for a long time does not show any symptoms themselves.This is dependent on cigarettes: occasional smoking does not cause withdrawal symptom

s.Smokers tobacco smoke daily from 7 to 20 cigarettes, marijuana and fans do not normally exceed three dose "cant" in one day, perhaps less.

But if we compare the impact of one or the other, then the portion of the hemp is comparable to 7-8 cigarettes.

Most people who use cannabis may well refuse to smoke.It will be enough just to stop its use.Withdrawal symptoms in severe manifestation it is possible only when the marijuana use for many years (about 10) and high doses.Then, depending on such characteristics will be observed in humans: the deterioration of memory and attention, inhibition of mental reactions and hand tremor, decreased overall activity and irritability, moodiness, and increased blood pressure, heart palpitations.

For most people, the rejection of the use of marijuana is painless at the physical level.In another situation with a mental addiction.

Psychic dependence.Psychic dependence on marijuana occurs very quickly.Significantly faster than physical dependence on marijuana and tobacco.Suffice it to several pokurivany that there was a craving and psychological dependence on the drug.Then people just waiting for the moment and an opportunity to smoke the next "bong."

Most affiliates try to quit marijuana, relying only on their own desire and willpower.Often, these tests are not crowded with the result.After a short time there is a failure, which ultimately lead to regular use.

main condition for successful getting rid of addiction - a strong desire, iron will, family support and the help of experts.If there is no desire, and dependent only gives the onslaught of relatives, trying to say goodbye to the marijuana will have no effect.

should begin with in order to eliminate the factors of life, provoking failures.This so-called friends who use marijuana, throw out all the attributes for smoking.Sometimes, to achieve the goal you just need to change their place of residence.If you continue to continue to deal with provocative circumstances and people, the goal is not to achieve.

dependent person should avoid these factors: loneliness, anger, hunger, inactivity and laziness.It is necessary that a person fills his spare time with something interesting and informative to think about the drug does not come to mind, and did not allow passion to remember about the drug.During this period, very important is the support of a husband or wife, relatives and friends.Often the support is excellent and a group of anonymous addicts.

So, quit smoking marijuana afford to everyone.It all starts with a strong and conscious desire.

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