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Drops from alcoholism

method of struggle with alcoholism are typically selected and close relatives dependent person.After all, he himself, in most cases never call himself an alcoholic and did not look the truth in the eye.In this regard, a convenient method of treating a human patient began to drop.Use they can be, without the patient's knowledge and at the same time to achieve good results.So, we learn more about the drip method of treating an alcoholic, features and action drops.

The popularity of this method lies in the convenience and simplicity.You just need to add a bit of money in the usual food, juices, fruit drinks and give a sick person.Therefore, a drop of alcohol are an ideal way to return to the old, healthy life dependent person.

Colm drug proved to be excellent in the treatment of alcoholism for the past three decades.He gained prestige and high rankings in the fight against serious illness in the territory of the CIS countries and Europe.

The main active ingredient is Colm drops cyanamide.This product eli

minates the craving for alcohol.Cyanamid blocking the enzyme acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, and the consequence of this is to stop the oxidation and accumulation in the body of the product processing ethanol.

Acts Colm hour after consumption and duration lasts about 12 hours.treatment mechanism is to form aversion to alcohol in a human patient.

Terapevticheky course this drug is three months.In this period the alcoholic need three drugs packaging.They do not smell, taste, they can be added to any type of food and its taste will not change.The drug is safe for prolonged use.

Guide states that the patient must be given drops Colm twice a day for 15 drops.It is important to observe the time interval.Between the first and second meal should take at least 12 hours.This means that adding the drug to the food needed for breakfast and dinner.Note also that hot drinks and first courses reduce treatment drop function.

It should be noted that the treatment drops Colm drug treatment is not recommended without the knowledge of the patient.The reason is simple.With the simultaneous use of large doses of alcohol sometimes there are complications requiring hospitalization.They can end and death.Although experience shows that treatment with these drops, and gives good results without having to be made aware of the dependent person.

also know you need to consider that treatment with these drops is not possible if the body can not tolerate cyanamide.They are contraindicated with heart disease, liver diseases.Do not use Colm people under 16 and over 60 years.

It is worth noting the positive feedback about the treatment drops Colm.Close associates of people state that after a week or two of use in humans there drops of fear before the liquor, and he begins to abandon its use.

Today, the choice of drugs and methods of treatment for alcoholism is great.And very often people do not know what method of treatment to give a preference.Often the choice of stops on tablets or drops.But what form of treatment is best?It should be noted differences between them.

drops are convenient in that they can be added to food, drinks, they have no taste, odor, does not affect the taste of food consumed by man.Apply a drop can be a long time, and they do not affect the condition of the body, not "thrown" the liver.But it should be noted that these benefits are worth their expensive.Price drops ranges from 40 conventional units.That is why people opt for cheaper funds in the form of tablets.

course, and treatment pill carries its results.But it should be noted that many affiliates can not withstand treatment pills and their effects on the body.It is no secret that this form of treatment has a number of side effects on the internal organs due to toxic tablets.

Therefore, choosing a form of treatment, it should be understood that the quality can not be cheap.But alcoholism - this is the problem, which is unlikely to save money.After all, these savings "compensated" by the price of alcohol, which uses the dependent person.