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Ketanov and alcohol

Simultaneous use of alcohol and drugs sometimes lead to serious consequences for the body up to the intensive care unit.Therefore, in the instructions to the drug manufacturers, as, indeed, and the doctors give warnings about the dangerous consequences of such a symbiosis.We learn how combined alcohol and medication Ketanov.What is the consequence of their simultaneous use?

pain often appears in the most unexpected moment.It arises in the solemn moments during business negotiations, at a party, and far from home.As a rule, the problem of coping analgesics, anesthetics.These include the Ketanov.He copes well with head pain and teeth, post-operative and cancer.Effective drug for sprains and dislocations, fractures, and renal colic.

Ketanov is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent of synthetic origin, the effect resembles the action of opium.The peak of its activity falls on a two-hour period after ingestion of the drug.

medicine is available in tablets and capsules.Regarding the composition of the dr

ug, its main active ingredient is ketorolac tromethamine.

After receiving Ketanov pain disappears after 40 minutes.

Contraindications to its use are stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, bronchial asthma, blood clotting disorders, pregnancy and lactation.The drug is contraindicated for the treatment of children under 16 years.

on patient question: "Can I use Ketanov with alcohol?"doctors give a negative answer.The reason is that at your peril medication belongs to the fourth class of the five existing ones.This says it all.

Ketanov The instructions to be warned about the possibility of gastrointestinal bleeding and ulceration with simultaneous use of alcohol and this medication.

main contraindication to this reconciliation is to strike the liver.As the main barrier organ of our body, the liver is severely affected by alcohol and Ketanov.This may well lead to allergic reactions.

Ketanov combination of alcohol and destructive effect on the gastric mucosa and leads to the development of ulcers.Wear will also work enzyme system and intestines.Therefore, the use of alcohol and simultaneous treatment with this drug may occur vomiting and indigestion, bleeding and aggravation of ulcer.Alcohol and Ketanov raise all sorts of risks, are the cause of serious pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract.

should not forget that the simultaneous use of alcohol and the drug is fraught by reducing to zero effect of the drug.Why, then, to use it?This may result in degradation products accumulate oxidized, disturbed metabolism, decrease the formation of proteins in the liver.Ketanov interaction with any kind of alcohol leads to disruption of the tissue structure.

Many people after the simultaneous adoption and alcohol Ketanov increasing side effects from the drug.It headaches and drowsiness, dizziness and general weakness.No wonder the action of the drug compared to that of opium.

Drivers also need to take into account the side effects Ketanov that causes drowsiness and sedation.The result of this could be an accident on the road, and the loss of human lives.After all, the drug reduces the speed of reaction and attention of the driver.This should take into account people whose work requires more attention and responsibility for the lives of other people and children.

So, the combination with alcohol is very dangerous drug.Therefore, refrain from rash acts.Endure the pain, see your doctor, but do not take alcohol after Ketanov.