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Clonidine alcohol

combination of individual drugs with alcohol is very dangerous.The consequences of this symbiosis can be very serious and result in hospital treatment.So, we learn about clonidine and alcohol compatibility.

It is a potent drug that lowers blood and intraocular pressure, calms the person.Clonidine decreases vascular resistance.Internists and cardiologists prescribe it to reduce the pressure in hypertension, for the prevention of hypertensive crisis.It is used in the form of tablets or intramuscularly, intravenously in the form of installations.After warning clonidine hypertensive crisis usually drug continue further treatment of the patient.

important not to take this drug at work that requires human attention and responsibility, quick response to the situation.

Sometimes this drug is combined with alcohol, but this is possible only with a clear medical supervision and treatment in the hospital.In this way removed from the dependent withdrawal.Usually so treat chronic alcoholics.In this case, the docto

r is obliged to clearly and accurately select the clonidine dose for the patient.Clonidine in conjunction with alcohol makes it easier to move the breaking alcohol has a calming effect, normalizes sleep.

But any excess doses of clonidine combined with alcohol can lead to death.That is why experiments with alcohol and clonidine are not allowed!This will protect human health, his family and, of course, the family budget.

So, about the dosage of the drug is compatible with alcohol may only speak a doctor prescribe it.In other cases, clonidine alcohol absolutely compatible.

Clonidine together with alcohol can lead man out of consciousness.He just turned off, and these are the criminals to achieve their selfish goals.Hence the name of this drug is often featured in the materials of the criminal cases and all sorts of crimes against the people.A man who drank just a little alcohol with clonidine, drunk very quickly and then lose the orientation, coordination in space and general awareness of reality.And it ends with a deep sleep, almost narcotic.Once a person wakes up, to recall the events that preceded this state, it is impossible.

What happens in the body under the influence of alcohol and clonidine?

The man abruptly increases blood pressure, decreases heart rate, unbalances the work of the CNS and the receptors, sleep becomes deeper.Sometimes, people may simply not wake up.

This occurs when the dose of clonidine exceeded.And it is difficult to calculate for a man, because each individual characteristics of the organism perception of this medication.

There are cases when after taking this medicine, and small doses of alcohol in traffic tragedies, falls, suffocation.This happens because alcohol significantly increase the effect of clonidine.Probably dozens of times!Therefore drunkenness is much faster.This sudden jump in blood pressure up and vasodilation helps the blood very fast to bring alcohol to our brain.By its action of a brain vessels spazmiruyutsya already in a state of deep sleep, man.If he survives, the memory image will be simply erased from his mind.Health effects - this is a very strong stress to the cardiovascular system and overall human health.He needs detoxification and treatment in a hospital.

Thus, the interaction of clonidine and alcohol has a detrimental effect on humans, and possible death.Therefore, any combination of experiments alcohol and drugs are not allowed!

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