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Coding of alcohol addiction

alcohol dependent people, and often their families, are looking for methods to get rid of this terrible disease.Some resort to pills, while others go to rehabilitation centers for salvation, while others prefer the encoding method.What is this method?What are its features, advantages and disadvantages?Let's face it.

Encoding - this is a pretty well-known and common method of getting rid of alcohol addiction.He began to be used for the treatment of alcoholism in the 40's of last century.In the context of analogies can be said that this aversion coding.After all, the method uses as a basis aversionnuyu therapy, and the word "aversion" in Latin means "disgust."In our case, to alcohol.

coding principle has long been known as yet been used by shamans and priests of the East many centuries ago.Today coding from alcoholism is used in such a way that at the same time produced a conditioned reflex, like Pavlov's dogs to the signal lamp.

Russian psychiatrist, Ivan Pavlov believed that man - is an upgraded varie

ty of the animal.But human actions are determined by reflexes, ie, involuntary responses to stimuli from outside the body.If the animal for a long time readability physical violence (beating with a stick, for example), then soon one type of torturer and flour guns will cause the animal fear and overwhelming effect.All approaches to the offender or the gun offense desire does not arise.Here on this awesome reflexes and constructed encoding the human body from alcohol.

In order to suppress the body of the alcoholic, used poisonous drugs, dramatically enhancing their properties when in contact with alcohol.they also cause pain.And for the suppression of consciousness used hypnosis.

Coding alcoholics produce combined suppression of body and mind (physiological and psychological suppression).This results in stable association of pain and fear of poisoning with alcohol.Forms of influence on the dependent person can be hard and soft.

How does the actual encoding process?Dependent person is introduced into the body and cure through hypnosis is immersed in a trance.When the poisonous medicine starts to work, the psychiatrist can click on the eye area or the solar plexus, creating pain.Then he inspires in the human subconscious fear of alcohol.However, his words are reduced to the suggestion that he warned about the terrible sufferings which the alcoholic will experience when consuming alcohol.Psychiatrist can describe in detail the pain, to draw a picture in the mind of the person strong physical torment and frighten even the fear of death.The very process of encoding can take place in the office where the sound signals of machines, people laugh and speech assistant psychiatrist.When the hypnotic session is over, the patient is told that he must forget everything happened during encoding.That is, the image encoding process "hidden" deep within the subconscious dependent.

There are several types of coding from alcoholism.Each of them has its own characteristics:

In addition to these types of coding exist and psychotherapeutic methods.Here are the most effective ones:

desire to get rid of alcohol addiction encoding method has its drawbacks.Over time, even hidden deep in the subconscious of painful coding to act on the human body as a psychological guillotine.He only thinks about how to drink a beer or see on the table a bottle of wine as soon as it starts to feel sick, you may have a headache and a feeling of fear of death.That is, even when the form of the bottle when the man will not touch it, it will manifest action of the psychiatrist in encoding: to hurt those points on which it presses down on the session, the image of death occur.

When a person drinks, the pain will grow many times will hurt internal organs, may start vomiting and panic attack.It is these feelings and are planned in the encoding process.Its mechanism will always work, just pain will manifest with different force.

That is, each time you hit one random look at a bottle of wine or vodka, the patient will experience depression.His he will experience even if by chance heard the words of the names of alcoholic beverages.In the mind of the addict will arise a picture with a view of the psychiatrist, the car sounds, laughter.It would seem that people agree on all this voluntarily.But imagine the picture when colleagues talk about buying champagne for New Year or birthday party yesterday and dependent person with bursts vomiting.Or on duty he has often heard the noise of cars, to see people in white coats, like encoding a psychiatrist, but he at the same time there is pain in the internal organs and nausea.So a person can simply walk up to the state of depressive psychosis.And to isolate it from the stimuli to which he laid a taboo in the subconscious mind, it is very difficult.After all we are surrounded by people, words, pictures, chat.

encoding human alcoholism gives a low percentage of disposal of alcohol dependence.And the man is not an animal, he always has the freedom of choice and other options to get rid of attachment to alcohol.