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no secret that every man wants to feel their strength and the ability to bring pleasure to the woman he loves.This is possible only in case of good potency, which is a source of pride for many men.In fact, a healthy male power - a condition that is dependent on a whole range of factors: the lack of serious diseases (like cancer and cardiovascular diseases), prolonged state of stress and emotions, as well as the normal functioning of the nervous system and avoiding excessive use of alcohol andsmoking.If in his younger years, most men do not know the problems in such an intimate sphere, over the years, unfortunately, because of age and ill health potentiality to become weaker.This, in turn, negatively affects the psychological and emotional state man, his capacity for work and most importantly - to their own self-esteem.

For those who are not accustomed to give up, in the world found a means able to easily resolve this issue - we're talking about Viagra, about the drug number 1 for men of any age.In recen

t years become one of the popular varieties of Viagra - namely, Generic Viagra, advantages and features which we now discuss.

Although Generic Viagra - is not the most original world-known drug Viagra, but it has the same brilliant quality required.I do not believe that kind of generic - it is nothing like a fake, low-quality copy or a cheap imitation of an expensive drug for potency.Everything is much simpler.Do not think that this drug is far worse if a little cheaper.In fact, the composition of Generic Viagra exactly the same as the composition of the original products, exclusive rights to issue that has only known European company.Generic analog exactly to the original based on the active ingredient sildenafil.As you know, in the presence of the same drug drug has the same effect, as well as the validity period, precautions and contraindications, as well as a set of possible side effects.

This drug was released in a wide appeal to people only after doctors assured on all hundred percent that it is safe for anyone wanting to men.Proof of this is that as a regular Viagra and Generic itself can be purchased at any pharmacy without a prescription and even specific instructions the doctor.It is nothing more than a testament to the fact that this type of Viagra has a high level of security, and to begin to apply it, the man did not really need to be highly skilled in the art of medicine.Yet it is worth noting that as before using any medicine, you should consult with a urologist, a doctor or therapist to clarify the fact is not whether the patient is a possible allergy to the drug.All this needs to be done for its own reinsurance in order to avoid negative consequences.

Generic Viagra is like a brand that is not a means to excite.So if someone will assure you this, I do not believe.This drug has a rather narrow specialization - it provides the possibility of a healthy sexual intercourse, and because of the lack of components for the drive, does not affect the natural process of sexual desire.

Naturally, after treatment, it is after some time immediately absorbed not only in blood, but also in small concentration be in the semen of men.

Sildenafil - the main component Generic, after getting into the bloodstream, providing active stimulating effect to improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs.Its effect can be explained as follows: - Viagra relaxes the smooth muscles of the penis, then the blood penetrates easily through the vessels in the penis, resulting in saturation of the blood comes a good erection.But it is worth remembering that the effect of the drug has a time limit.Doctors say that the drug ceases to be active on the expiration of 4-5 hours after the application.

But the percentage of active ingredient called sildenafil in semen of a man who took the drug Generic Viagra, taken together is not more than 0.0003%.That is, this characteristic has a direct indication of the fact that Viagra can not cause serious harm to the health of men, especially in its sexual and reproductive function.Therefore, we can safely say that it can not cause abnormalities in the conception and future development of the fetus.

It is true that Generic Viagra is different from its original "cousin", evidenced by even its name, but this difference is not very serious, and even pleasant - a relatively low cost.After all, everybody knows Viagra from the original manufacturer, it turns out, is not available to all.An analogue of Viagra called Generic, not yielding to the action can help all who wish to increase potency, without singling out any particular means.

This drug is available as diamond-shaped tablets, covered with a blue shell.Incidentally, the dosage necessary to operate at more than four hours is contained in one tablet, which has about a hundred milligrams of sildenafil.

cheapness of the drug due to the fact that it is produced is not in Europe, and in the industry in India, but in compliance with all of the necessary procedures for the manufacture of Generic Viagra.

The main indication for the use of all known - is erectile dysfunction, impotence and inability to start a natural male sexual intercourse.It is worth noting that Generic Viagra can be used by men who have reached puberty - that is, have an age of not less than 19-21 years.This medication is able to regain the sexual force, if a man is faced with the problems of the functional, psychological and congenital origin.

Even given the fact that generic drugs are very effective in the problem of impotence and is available without prescription, yet consultation with a urologist or a physician prior to use is required, since there are serious contraindications.

Generic Viagra is not recommended for patients who suffer from hypersensitivity to the primary care component - that is, to sildenafil.Determine this is possible only after carrying out tests in the laboratory.

A man should forget about using this drug, if it is available in severe or even mild following diseases: leukemia, anemia, multiple myeloma, priapism, or severe diseases of the cardiovascular system.You should not engage in such self-medicate with penile deformation, because if you solve the problem can only be surgery, it is best not to aggravate the problem of medical intervention.

If after using Generic Viagra is its effect seemed to be little and short, do not try to achieve the desired result with the help of the use of drugs with a similar action.In no case can not simultaneously receive sildenafil-containing drugs and their analogs that restore potency.Especially dangerous in this case, there are drugs that are in its composition contain nitrates or nitric oxide donators.

Why is there this warning?The fact that preparations containing erythromycin, ketoconazole, and cimetidine can increase the concentration of active compound in the blood.Therefore, concomitant use of Generic Viagra and substances containing nitrates increases their hypotensive effect.In the most extreme cases, the interaction of these chemicals is the first cause of death.To protect your health, you must strictly observe the precautions and dosages of the drug.

single dose of preparation is from 50 to 100 mg of the substance, we talk about the amount contained in a half of an entire tablet and the tablet.The dosage depends primarily on the individual tolerability of sildenafil.Tablets need to drink boiled water at room temperature, it is best for an hour before sexual intercourse future.The day allowed to take only one tablet of Viagra in order not to cause a negative reaction of the organism.

So you need to be aware of any side effects:

Using Generic Viagra can improve the quality of life of every man, if he does not suffer serious illness and strictly adheres to the dosage of the drug.Do not leave an unsolved problem, because you can have right now to improve the quality of your sex life and enjoy it in full.

Do not limit yourself and feel all the colors of a healthy life!

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