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No one wants to be held hostage to time, but unfortunately, people can not stay forever young and forever healthy.As for health in the intimate sphere, in this case, it is most exposed to the risk of occurrence of various dysfunctions.In the first place in the presence of cardiovascular disease and stress loads begin with potency problems, you restore yourself sometimes is not so easy.To help a man in this situation, ready to come to Viagra, it is a pity that it is available not for everyone because of the high cost.Therefore, this health care experts decided to find quality and, most importantly, inexpensive substitutes and more about it right now.

Replace Viagra and can be quite natural remedies that will change not only in the sphere of intimacy, but also to saturate the body with vitamins, trace elements and will contribute to the overall strengthening.

To do this, start taking natural substances that increase male libido and strengthens the male force - we are talking about well-known aphrodisiac.

Of course, these alternatives will not affect so much improved potency, as do the medication drugs, but the side effects and adverse effects are unlikely to bother the patient.Physiological effects of aphrodisiacs is that their natural components of plant and animal origin is allowed to act to improve sexual function is not worse than the infamous Viagra.

Different specialists in different ways different products qualify under the category of aphrodisiacs, but the main distribution is as follows.

So, can serve as aphrodisiacs such products:

It goes without saying that the aphrodisiac plant and animal origin can not guarantee the prompt action, even in the complex than the original Viagra itself.To ensure that such products have started to operate and benefit a man, then they must be included in the male power menu.The important thing is to use more than one main product, but several in various combinations and ways of preparation.

very well in this case, try to apply the eggnog, more popularly known as eggnog.The recipe is pretty simple, it needs to break the eight or ten eggs (they can be replaced quail) in a blender and blend until smooth liquid, which does not need to refuel.It is advisable to apply the remedy on an empty stomach to speed up its operation.But to repeat this manipulation with your own body, you can not very regularly - about once every fourteen days, because hardly someone needs an extra load in the form of increasing the amount of cholesterol.

In fact, it does not matter that Viagra - a drug not available because it has long found good substitutes.The list of such formulations can be found about two dozen different dosage tablets, ointments, capsules, which have various components, methods steps and contraindications.But among all of these types of drugs that can be called decent prerogative of the original Viagra, the championship gets Impaza very effective medication for men of any age.

Impaza - a drug to the category of those that address erectile dysfunction.Active components Impaza increase blood flow in the smooth muscles of the penis, which removes tension, effectively contributing to the improvement of blood filling the smallest vessels of the penis.All these properties together ensure a full erection, and quite long.Unlike Viagra, which in no way affects the occurrence of sexual arousal, Impaza has a good effect on the peripheral and central regulation of the erection process, providing greater desire intimacy and satisfaction in sex.Long-term use of this drug increases in serum levels of the male sex hormone testosterone, especially if previously its level was lowered for some reason (stress, disease, and loads of different types) (if initially moderately reduced level).

Impaza treats disorders of the erection process of different origin (and psychogenic and organic, and even mixed), even able to help those men who suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system Impaza Tablets coping well with the manifestations of vegetative-vascular abnormalities that appear in forceage and ill health - fatigue, irritability, libido and deterioration of physical inactivity.

To the drug began to be effective, you must keep it in your mouth for as long as it is completely dissolved.If the tablets are used not as the prevention of disease of the male urogenital system, and to directly stimulate a healthy erection process of their need to drink under the special scheme.So, the first tablet is taken for a half hour until the next hour of sexual intercourse, and the second is required to forty-five minutes before the close.1 and another for one tablet of 1 hour before intercourse.

If Impaza not used to support the erection and potency for stabilization and treatment of vegetative-vascular diseases, the prescribed intake of one tablet every two days, and preferably before bedtime.The effect of the treatment may remain unchanged for the next six months.In prior course of treatment effectiveness and its efficiency should be repeated therapy, but not earlier than one month.

Do not tempt fate and apply Impaza if hypersensitivity to any component of the drug.But if the patient is taking other medications, you definitely need to report it to the doctor in order to avoid negative consequences.

Impaza today comes in the form of plastic cans, in an amount of from ten to forty tablets in a carton box, or have the opportunity to see the packaging of the drug in blisters with the number of 20 tablets per carton.Regardless of how the packaged tablets, they must at all times be stored in a dry and well-ventilated place, which is inaccessible to children and pets.The most comfortable temperature - it is not above 20 degrees Celsius.

sure before you start self-administration, it is necessary to hear a detailed consultation doctor, so as not to harm the body.

In case of distrust of the medical substitute for Viagra, you can make her own at home.Recipe homemade stimulant activity of men is very simple, and at the time of its application should be understood that the beverage can not be the same performance with the original or a known substitutes.So, you can still try.Take one medium watermelon (weighing up to five kilograms), but certainly ripe, one large lemon and follow this advice:

In general, there are many ways to enhance the potency and range of the most appropriate - it's everybody who wants a man.Do not forget about the detailed consultation with your doctor before using any of the above recipes.

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