Viagra and alcohol

The fact that Viagra has beneficial effects on the potency of men, has long been known.But there is one problem - many of the men decided on a close relationship with a woman only after received the appropriate dose of alcohol, so to speak "for courage".It is known that alcohol tends to lower the potency of men and some of them in connection with this comes the idea to take a pill of Viagra.In fact, such manipulation is very, very dangerous for the health of men, because alcohol has negative effects on the body, especially in combination with medication therapy.To learn how to interact Viagra and alcohol - read on.

Ethanol, which is the main component of any alcoholic beverages, especially when ingested depresses the central nervous system, as a result, he dulls sensitivity, reduces the speed and sharpness of perception of reality around the person because of his subjective perception becomes unclear and vague.

can not dispute the fact that alcohol is also a direct impact on the functioning of the urog

enital system of humans, especially men.Incidentally, the effect of the alcohol can be different interference - from good to bad, and vice versa.Some men have a sudden burst of energy, the energy boom, sexual excitement, comes the willingness of men to intimacy, even with a full erection.

But in most cases the use of alcohol, especially excess of the safe dosage, still leads to a decrease in sexual activity, relaxation of all muscle groups, shortness of breath, which is in a calm state to freely provide oxygenated blood.The truth is that it gives the effect of the blood of a healthy and strong erection of the penis.

is important to know that alcohol consumption contributes to the fact that in the prostate, testes and sperm a man begins to accumulate a large amount of ethanol.Did you know that it acts as a toxin is in the germ cells?

Yet, in small doses, this substance is not able to influence major changes in the human body.As for the medium and high doses, after which detected the presence of foreign bodies in the human chemical elements not expressly characteristic for an organism, they all have the ability to alter the activity of the organism and, in particular, potency.

Thus, Viagra task is precisely to transcend the barrier of alcohol inhibition level of physiology and psychology, and immediately cause the desired effect.

Of course, it has long been considered a subject for thought many doctors intimate human relations industry.Yet the main task of the drug under the name Viagra is a treatment for erectile dysfunction, the people who are sober and have a real problems with potency.Especially useful is this drug for men with impotence for quite a long time, and the reason for this state of the complex - that the consequences of various serious diseases and physical, and to a greater degree the moral burden.

When receiving the maximum doses of alcohol, it can change the effect of all drugs is exactly the opposite, and it turns out nothing short of irreparable harm to the body.

First of all, there is a slow liver function in the case of extreme intoxication.We are well aware that it is in the liver primarily affects processing of medicines.That is, the liver slowdown as a result of use of alcohol, respectively, affects the ability of the body to transport and cleavage of other chemical drugs.

Simply put, the active ingredients of any medication begin to nothing more than a competition with alcohol for undergo thorough treatment in the liver.Moreover, it is also important that some of the substances will be able to be handled primarily by the liver.That is why sometimes when alcohol intoxication is not possible to achieve a full erection, at best, it can be achieved much later than the usual time.This applies even in situations where man is sober and it's all because the liver primarily transforms all the alcohol, and only then proceed to the processing of the drug, which is in the body.If any medication, they can only come out from the body via hepatic route.

What are the consequences of such experiments?In general, this leads to a loss of the properties of the liver for disposal.In the course of time, any very small dose of drug substance can give just a striking effect.It is sad, but this effect is not always very positive.Most likely, this means that the liver is completely unable to cope with their original duties, ie she was deprived of protection.In this case, each chemical substance that falls to her to handle, capable of causing an explosion, even if you stick to very small doses.

As you know interested people, the drug Viagra is effective because it contains an active ingredient called Sildenafil.Of course, if the holiday is planned, which is expected and drinking, and intimacy, you always want to be on top.Is it possible to combine the pleasant with the pills of Viagra?In fact, here it is really a fiasco as background for personal gains, and against the backdrop of a healthy life.

Why is it happening?Alcohol - it is a harmful substance which, when ingested, immediately increases the load on the heart muscle, increases the number of contractions of the body and as a result - the work of the heart is greatly increased.Viagra has an identical effect on the heart, teaching the number of its rate significantly.What do we have?When a combination of two negative factors - Viagra and alcohol, the heart can not handle it, and begins to suffer from a double burden.

By the way, these changes in the heart of any man will feel immediately - it will increase the pressure immediately appear headache, confusion in the head, and even allergic reactions on the face.These symptoms are very similar to some of these states as after alcoholic hangover.

But it's worth noting that if you take Viagra after you came to life after a holiday and alcohol, it will act without unnecessary excesses, side effects and it will probably give satisfying results.

If plans have men drinking alcohol, it is best to optimize tablet dose of 100 milligrams to her half - 50 milligrams.Believe me, this will be enough to spend a romantic night well.In general, Viagra - this is a very effective drug for men.Scientists say that to affect almost all men - about four out of five men, so if there are suspicions that the drug does not want to act, you need only wait for some more time.In extreme cases it is possible to increase the dose, but not more than 25 mg.

question of whether it is possible to use Viagra with alcohol remains still without a definite answer.None of the laboratory tests did not show a hundred percent that Viagra becomes toxic when used in conjunction with alcohol.It is unlikely that there is still a lot of positive effects on the body from alcohol.Therefore, physicians are strongly inclined to believe that it is extremely unsafe to combine the use of alcohol and Viagra pills.

When you receive Viagra should not limit itself not only in the use of alcoholic beverages, and fatty foods.It is proved that after the application of fatty foods Viagra loses its effectiveness.Result average deteriorates by 30%.

If you do not drink can not, then you need to drink enough in moderation.Only in this case it can keep your body safe and sound, and even enjoy the pleasure of intimacy.

Who invented Viagra alternative is too aggressive, but with preservation of the main substance - sildenafil, only with the prefix Software.The very same drug called Viagra Soft.It is much milder in its action, and it is designed to ensure that it was possible to use it with alcohol to as little harm to the body as possible.

tablet Viagra Soft dissolves under the tongue.The recommended dose is 50 mg taken 45-60 minutes before sexual intimacy future.To be most effective dosage efficiency can be increased to 100 mg but not more than the maximum recommended daily dose is 100 mg.The frequency of administration of the drug should not exceed one per day.

In clinical studies, most often to be found the following side effects, whose connection with the drug intake was quite real:

So what conclusion?Viagra can be consumed with alcohol, but only in a hopeless situation, and if there is only a small dose.It should always be remembered that alcohol interferes with Viagra act on the main quest, so do not be surprised then defeat as a result of a combination of alcohol with Viagra.

main thing - to know precisely measure and in any case not exceed it!