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Coding of alcohol

alcohol addiction problem familiar to many families.Hoping to help loved ones to get rid of this addiction, many people are trying to find the most effective method of treatment.One of the most effective methods of treatment for alcoholism is encoded.This method of treatment of pathological dependence on alcohol has come to us from the beginning of the last century.At the heart of the process is the principle aversionnoy therapies - aversion to alcohol-containing beverages.The most effective methods of coding from alcohol is the use of poisonous drugs, which dramatically enhance its properties under the influence of ethanol and cause vomiting, discomfort and even physical pain.These drugs include drug "Torpedo", which we will discuss later.Well, for the development of psychological fear and suppression of human reason, depending, as a rule, used by coding hypnosis alcohol.Experienced specialist sets in the mind of the patient drink association with pain and discomfort.Let's look at both methods of coding

of alcohol in more detail.

Treatment of alcoholism is the basis of hypnosis method Dovzhenko - the specialist, who suggested to encode dependence through a hypnotic effect on the patient's consciousness.Importantly, this method of treatment is one of the most effective in combating alcohol.

essence of the method is to encode human hypnosis the subconscious, causing disgust and aversion to alcohol.The therapist brings the patient into a hypnotic state and then provides installation, which helps the patient to overcome the craving for alcohol.And many patients are "corrected" after the first hypnosis session.

Dovzhenko method - officially recognized psychotherapeutic method of treatment of alcoholism with the help of hypnosis, which is approved by WHO.Moreover, the uniqueness of this method is that it does not rebuild the psyche of the patient and the operating surface.However, even with such "soft" hypnosis, after treatment, many patients with alcoholism for life abandon alcohol.

process is unique in that it does not rebuild the psyche and does not require deep hypnosis.At the same time the treatment of alcoholism is carried out with maximum speed and efficiency.After treatment by Dovzhenko, alcoholics never want to drink alcohol.He will live a normal and healthy life.

encoding method from Torpedo alcohol - is widely used for the treatment of alcohol dependence and is one of radical methods of struggle with "green serpent".This method comprises administering to a human special drugs that relieve the patient's biological dependence on alcoholic beverages.Moreover, this method produces motivation rejection of alcohol as a toxic substance formed by reacting the drug with alcohol.It is understood that the poison in the body leads to tragic consequences.

In some cases, after the introduction of the drug into the patient's body, he is given a small dose of alcohol that he felt the discomfort that threatened him with further alcohol consumption.And if alcohol is not consumed after the "binder" that the drug is not harmful absolutely.

No matter what the encoding method is the treatment - the result will be the same.And drug and hypnotic method on the physiological and psychological level, causes the body to perceive alcohol as a poison.After the session, even a small dose of alcohol will cause the patient discomfort.These include vomiting, headache and sweating, circulatory collapse, respiratory failure and cardiac activity.

As a result of the treatment, the nervous system produces a peculiar negative reflex in relation to alcoholic beverages.Moreover, alcohol is no longer a pleasant feel.

fairness, we note that in some cases the coding does not work and the patient, jumping up, returns to the use of alcohol.However, in most cases, a complete renunciation of alcohol alone is enough knowledge, what will breach the ban.

We hope that our article will help you make the right choice in favor of a healthy and sober life!

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