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Corvalol and alcohol

Surely the name of this drug is known to all.We know it as the cure for heart and sedative.Corvalol usually have in every home where elderly people live, as they suffer from diseases of the heart and vascular system.Eating Corvalol should know about its compatibility with alcohol, rather incompatible.So, what threatens to man such a combination?What could be the consequences?

Corvalol is the most affordable drug for the treatment of heart and cupping.Action korvalola based on its active components:

Doctors prescribe patients Corvalol in such cases: neuroses and tachycardia, insomnia and spasms of the coronary vessels, irritability and stress conditions, intestinal spasms.

Corvalol depresses the nervous system and makes a person sleepy.It also promotes the release of liver enzymes, which speeds up the metabolism.Therefore, together with alcohol can cause Corvalol abundant intoxication.The inhibitory effect of alcohol on the human effort, and it will lead to the fact that he will suffer a heavy hango

ver.Due to the strengthening of the liver into the blood gets increased dose of ethanol, which will affect all body systems.Also, the liver being overloaded, in the long term negative impact on its work.

Corvalol and without compatibility with alcohol can damage the body if it is used frequently and overdose.So it will cause lethargy, slurred speech, and confusion with slower CNS reactions.If Corvalol often use, it just causes addiction and the need to increase the dose.Once while still drinking, even in small doses, the response of each organism may be unexpected in view of the fact that the dangerous component is korvalola phenobarbital - a synthetic narcotic substance.It accumulates in the muscles and internal organs, impairing his health.Frequent reception korvalola and combine it with any kind of alcohol causes memory impairment and sleep, nervous disorders, and decreased performance.

When alcohol gets into the blood of man, the heart rate quickens, the nervous system is excited.Corvalol same take with the aim of calming the heart, lowering blood pressure.Therefore, the combination of alcohol and korvalola lead to an imbalance in the body.Peppermint oil composition in medicine thins the blood.A large dose of alcohol can increase the chance of bleeding in the brain or internal bleeding.When combined korvalola with high doses of alcohol can just stop the heart.The consequences of mixing - it's also a relationship that can develop at the same time.From it much harder to get rid of than alcohol dependence.The next day, after combining human instead of waiting for a hangover apathy and weakness, he can sleep on the go.

For prolonged overlapping korvalola and alcohol worsens the kidneys and liver.It can not operate the genitourinary system, which is manifested in nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and hives at best.In the worst consequences of this combination can be a state of paranoia, delirium tremens, and even hallucinations.

So, be aware that on a scale dangers of combining alcohol and drugs and alcohol compatibility korvalola equals three points.This is a significant risk and the threat of a general state of health and human health.

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