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struggle with alcoholism has different options.And each of them a different effect on the dependent person.Of course, relatives of dependent people want to alcoholism treatment was effective from the first time, looking for new and innovative anti-addiction.One of them - Algominal.

Algominal is a complex of drugs to get rid of alcohol addiction.In fact it is a method, open not so long ago, but already has positive feedback about the application.This method uses the drugs that were used in the fight against alcohol addiction before, but now they are combined into one complex.Such anti-alcohol cocktail significantly reduces the craving for alcohol of various kinds.

basic substance Algominala is disulfiram.It blocks the liver to alcohol recycling.The body thus accumulate pairs ethanol - and this leads to poisoning of humans.Symptoms of poisoning are very strong, for this reason a person lost and addiction to alcohol.A prerequisite is the first use of Algominala need three days did not drink alcohol.

treatment is carried out in a medical facility by an experienced doctor.The drug is administered intravenously to man.Then a few minutes later he was being provocative, that is, give a little bit of alcohol.The most miserable dose of alcohol after Algominala causes violent reaction of the organism.That is why the process of the "protest" should observe a person with skills of reviving.

no drugs that do not have side effects.And if we talk about drugs against alcohol dependence, then, of course, side effects are required.Since they are quite heavy, it is recommended that treatment with spending only young people or middle-aged dependent.Older patients this treatment is not advisable.But to undergo a medical examination before applying Algominala very desirable.

The main side effects of the drug - is dizziness and nausea, vomiting and shortness of breath, chest pain and palpitations, blood pressure drops, and ringing in the ears, fainting, and heat.

But it should be noted that the side effects Algominala manifested by the use of alcohol, and not on the drug.The degree of symptoms depends on the dose of alcohol consumed.And if after Algominala not drink alcohol, then worry not at all.

It should be noted that the use of force can not be Algominala.Dependent himself must realize the necessity of the treatment, and the doctor's task - to convince him of the expediency of treatment with this drug is.The main contraindications to the use Algominala:

So many contraindications, therefore prescribe medication needed after a complex examination of the patient.

Today, many people before the application of any other way of looking at online reviews of people who have already benefited from it.With regard Algominala, ie positive and negative comments.The last - this criticism on counterfeiting, which use unscrupulous distributors.After all, sometimes a person simply enter vitamins and saline.

Therefore, people are advised not to buy the drug from dubious companies directly and immediately seek the help of professionals.Positive feedback suggests that many people who used Algominal, again began to live a normal life, they have found success and the respect of others.They enjoy a sober life and emphasize on the fact that the main condition for the successful application of funds - informed consent to treatment.