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alcoholic cardiomyopathy

terrible disease alcoholism.It destroys families and disabled people, exposing their body and mind complete destruction.The consequence is, depending on the alcohol and alcoholic cardiomyopathy - heart disease.We learn about it and its treatment in detail.

Alcoholic cardiomyopathy is a lesion of the heart, which is formed by the regular and excessive consumption of alcohol.Alcoholic drinks have a negative effect on the myocardium, so a large number of dependent people die from heart attacks it.It coronary death.

should be noted that many people simply hides the fact of alcohol abuse.They are just there a disease that manifests itself when examining the heart of his clear defeat.After drinking alcohol within the framework and are able to measure only a few.A majority accept alcohol uncontrollably, often mixing different in the fortress of alcoholic beverages.By the way, if a person drinks a year more than 8 liters of alcohol, the situation is dangerous.Although if you think about it, 8 liters and 365 da

ys - like a little.But it was the alcohol in the form of spirits is provoking fact of alcoholic cardiomyopathy.Alcohol disrupts the calcium supply to the heart muscle.

Alcoholic cardiomyopathy is more common in men 30-55 years of age.Women are less prone to this disease, and yet the first signs of illness they appear and up to 30 years.After all, they are more sensitive to alcohol than men.

should know that the disease is more common among the homeless, persons, malnourished.Rarely alcoholic cardiomyopathy affects wealthy people.Disease develops gradually and is most often diagnosed by chance during complex examination or echocardiography.The patient begins to complain of fatigue, and weakness in the body, sweating and headaches.He quickens the heartbeat during exercise, often manifests shortness of breath and pain in the heart.Over time, these pain become permanent.In general, as we see, the common symptoms of the disease and may be characterized not only by the disease.These symptoms usually appear after a large dose of alcohol consumed alcohol.When the same person a period of not drink alcohol, the symptoms disappear.And it just might knock a person astray.Drank - bad, does not drink - everything is fine, so the value of his condition is not attached.

When a person drinks regularly, his condition worsens.His start to torment asthma attacks, manifested swelling feet.This is evidence of heart failure.Cyanosis and puffy face, small hemorrhages can give a person a crimson hue.Visual changes are visible on the face of the person who is drinking and long enough alcoholic cardiomyopathy who is already in a sufficiently serious stage.Yet such people are cold extremities.If the background is still developing cardiomyopathy and cirrhosis of the liver, the person acquires a yellowish tint.It can increase the abdomen, and can, on the contrary, manifested a dramatic weight loss.When

significantly increased heart cavity, the doctor will hear a systolic murmur in the zone apex of the heart.Human life with alcohol kardimiopatiey lasts no more than 5-10 years if the disease is left untreated.

first condition the treatment - a taboo on alcohol.Then, the doctor prescribes a man beta-blockers.After that, you need to take cardiac glycosides.These drugs are consumed under medical supervision.

Generally, treatment of these patients is recommended comprehensive, better, if it is carried out in a specialized center, a medical facility.The patient need to organize nutrition with meat and vegetables, bread and vitamins, trace elements in the form of potassium and calcium.

Cure the disease is difficult, if it is running.At the initial stage, assuming that all medical prescriptions and lifestyle changes as possible.The most important thing is to avoid the alcohol in any form.The treatment regimen is selected for each patient individually and adjusted depending on performance, the total human being.

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