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alcohol coma

consequences of alcohol - this bunch of diseases, degradation of the individual and stress of close friends.After all, they call "ambulance" in the case of force majeure, one of which is an alcoholic coma.What kind of condition is characterized by what and how it is treated?

When a person drinks a lot, sooner or later, it can result in complete protesting body.In people, it is called "the man hung up."The trouble is that such a state people are sometimes ignored by outsiders.People think that the man was drunk and asleep, and he was at the time urgently needs help.

From a medical point of view of the difficulty of diagnosis of alcoholic coma is that sometimes it can be easily confused with a stroke.Development coma promote and skull injuries.Therefore, a typical error diagnosis is a statement of stroke rather than coma.But it happens and vice versa, that stroke is perceived as a strong degree of intoxication.

often be confused with someone etilalkogolnuyu metilalkogolnoy.Symptoms appear within the las

t 8-12 hours after consumption of alcohol.It is a headache and vomiting, a burning sensation in the chest and back pain.

also metilalkogolnaya coma disorder characterized by vision, facial flushing, sweating.Breathing becomes rare, there is tachycardia of 120-140 beats per minute.Unlike etilalkogolnogo poisoning at metilalkogolnom no change of mentality.Man up to the moment of occurrence of the coma is a clear understanding of what is happening.It is oriented in space and time.Fatal if metilalkogolnom poisoning occurs most often.

When a person is in a state of alcoholic coma, his mind switched off.Therefore it is necessary to clean the cavity of his mouth to prevent aspiration of vomit.It is also possible ceasing language.It is necessary to give a person to inhale ammonia.

In the presence of the brigade "first aid" electric pumps, it is necessary to suck the mucus from the throat of the victim.If such a device is not present, it is necessary to take advantage of a pear with a tip.It also works effectively.

important to quickly bring alcohol from the body of the victim.This is accomplished by washing the stomach through a tube.Laxatives are also used, for example, introduction of a probe through the bitter salt.

patients unconscious inject atropine, contributing to a decrease in salivation.The procedure will prevent aspiration.

Caffeine and kordiamin in this state need to restore cardiac activity.All drugs must act quickly, so they are administered intravenously or placed under the tongue.Intravenous infusion of glucose is shown, as well as insulin.

after application can also enter these drugs vitamins B. If the pressure has dropped, it increases drugs that are administered intramuscularly.

timely and competently rendered aid can bring a person from a state of alcoholic coma.When coma lasts more than a day, it can not give a positive forecasts.

Note that coma symptomatic treatment of alcohol.In the future, an attack could happen again.That is, we, in fact, talking about the treatment of the consequences of alcohol abuse.After this coma does not come from a person who is sometimes for the company drank 100 grams of cognac or a glass of red wine.

know how to act upon the occurrence of alcoholic coma, you need those people close who consume alcohol frequently and for a long time.At the same time we must understand that after such an attack should think about a complex curing alcoholism patient.Abuse of alcohol - the cause of such a state.A healthy lifestyle can be the only and universal remedy for all diseases.

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