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alcoholic encephalopathy

dependence on alcohol - it is close to the patient's mental suffering and degradation of his body.One of the consequences of alcohol abuse is an alcoholic encephalopathy.What is this disease, what are its symptoms and treatments?Let's face it.

disease is a severe form of psychosis.It usually develops in the third stage of alcoholism.Alcoholic encephalopathy in its essence is a group of diseases that share similar clinical picture.

disease is characterized by a combination of neurological manifestations of mental signs.Doctors distinguish between acute and chronic forms of alcoholic encephalopathy, but there are between them and the transitional forms.It should be noted that the majority of people with different alcoholic encephalopathy abused alcohol substitutes.They fell into drug treatment departments of hospitals with alcohol poisoning.And a group of these patients have in common is that all previously observed violations of the internal organs caused by alcohol.Often the onset of the disease was pr

eceded by chronic alcoholism, binges.

way, alcoholic encephalopathy most often occurs in the spring, when the body is traditionally exhausted and feel a lack of vitamins.Such patients suffer a catastrophic decline in weight, do not sleep during the day and at night.

Like all other diseases, that has its clinical symptoms.It should be noted that they are characterized by a gradual increase.The most noticeable signs that are visible to the eyes of others is not even armed, the following:

often against a background of alcoholic encephalopathy show signs of alcohol withdrawal or delirium tremens.

main goal of treatment - correction neurometabolic disorders.To apply this doctor vitamins and NMDA-receptor inhibitors.

Vitamins are usually appointed in this disease in large doses, vitamin, and the main direction in this case is the elimination of thiamine deficiency.If it is generally administered intramuscularly, when the disease is better thiamine given intravenously.The daily dose in alcohol thiamine encephalopathy is from 300 to 500 mg.Appointment of thiamine and supplemented by the appointment of nicotinic acid and pyridoxine.

promising way of treatment of the disease - the use of cholinesterase inhibitors.Drugs in this group selectively affect cognitive disorders and are used effectively in psychiatric practice.In the case of alcohol entsifialopatii they are used to address mental disorders.

Thus, the treatment of this disease - not the case when you can use folk remedies.Only a competent and experienced psychiatrist can help in the treatment of disease.In this prerequisite is the taboo on alcohol.