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Alcohol Poisoning : Symptoms

It's no secret that excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages is fraught with alcohol poisoning.This disease has several stages, the severity of which is the concentration of alcohol in the blood.If it is more than 0.3%, then it is a severe form of alcohol poisoning, which can lead to coma.That is why it is very important to know what steps should be taken to eliminate alcohol poisoning and how to recognize it.

The most common symptoms of alcohol poisoning are accompanied by a hangover the next morning, and manifested headache, general weakness, and thirst.However, the hangover - is a consequence received a small amount of alcohol the night before.If there was vomit - it is considered alcohol poisoning medium and heavy gravity.Vomiting - a natural reaction to toxins and poisons, which caused the formation of excessive drinking of alcohol.At the same time human consciousness can be clouded, until the loss of an adequate assessment of the situation.This may cause difficulty in breathing and movement, fain

ting and even coma.That is why in severe poisoning should apply to the ambulance.

average and mild poisoning can be cured and at home with the use of folk funds and pharmacy.

In this case, need urgent hospitalization, because this stage of poisoning is dangerous to life.

to help the victims, it is necessary to do everything possible to ensure that the stomach was cleansed from the alcohol.To do this, give the patient plenty of water and induce vomiting by pushing your fingers on the tongue.If the victim can not produce on their own vomit, turn him on his side and induce vomiting themselves.After that you need to give the patient drink plenty of water and strong tea.

If a person feel better, then immediately give it at least 20 tablets of activated charcoal or enterosgel.This will reduce the symptoms of intoxication.

If the person is unconscious, that before the arrival of emergency is necessary to make sure that it has not sunk language.To do this, put in a tablespoon of mouth and stick to the language.

If breathing is difficult or respiratory arrest patient CPR.

If human skin acquire a bluish tint, become cold and clammy, and his breathing ragged, there need help resuscitator.

As you can see, alcohol poisoning - quite a serious disease that is ignored in any case impossible.Therefore, we strongly recommend that you comply with the measure in taking alcohol and not exceed the permitted limit in order to avoid the development of alcohol poisoning.

Take care of yourself and stay healthy!

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