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Aminazin and alcohol

Unfortunately, not all of us can boast a strong mentality.In light of recent events, people are increasingly turning to psychologists and therapists to cope with anxiety, depression and feelings.However, if the depression can be overcome without drugs, the diseases such as psychosis and schizophrenia, require medical intervention.In today's post we want to talk about one of the drugs, which for many decades, is widely used in psychiatric practice and is called Aminazin.What is the effect of the drug, and whether it can be combined with alcohol - a topic that we will consider in detail today.

begin with that Aminazin - antipsychotic, which is intended for the treatment of mental diseases associated with agitation, aggression, hallucinations, anxiety, stress and insomnia.Quite often, this drug is prescribed to patients with schizophrenia.Since Aminazin widely used in psychiatry, is closely monitored by a psychiatrist can be combined with other drugs.The "safe" doses Aminazin relieves psychosis, which is a

ccompanied by hallucinations, aggressive behavior, and psychomotor agitation.

This drug is a sedative effect on the nervous system, stop the seizure and pain on the basis of neuroses.

However, since Aminazin relates to serious drug, its treatment in outpatients practically used.Doses are selected as a doctor in a hospital is strictly individual.Therefore, once a person is in a hospital under the supervision of physicians, neither of which alcohol and can be no question.However, let's look at what threatens the combination of this drug even with a small dose of alcohol.

Aminazin often used for the treatment of alcoholic psychosis, ie, delirium tremens, however intoxicated it is not used.The fact that the combination of the drug with ethanol able to enhance the effect of the patient's psyche, whereby effects can be totally unpredictable.Chlorpromazine increases the toxic effect of alcohol on the nervous system and provoke irreversible mental disorders.Not to mention the harm that has alcohol in combination with antipsychotic drugs on the liver.In fairness it should be noted that the reaction of chlorpromazine with alcohol can lead to mental illness, up to a hospital in psychiatry, even completely healthy person.

However, the most dangerous consequence of the co-administration of alcohol and chlorpromazine is a death that occurs as a result of inhibitory action on the respiratory center.Also, when combined with alcohol neuroleptics going strong intoxication of an organism, which manifests strong vomiting, weakness, indigestion and other symptoms.That is in addition to the mental health side effects and joined the above symptoms.

Based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that Aminazin only approved for use as a medicine to relieve acute symptoms such as an emergency measure, and not as a first-line drug.However, since it is widely used in psychiatry, is closely monitored by a psychiatrist can be combined with other drugs.The "safe" doses Aminazin relieves psychosis, which is accompanied by hallucinations, aggressive behavior, and psychomotor agitation.Chlorpromazine

relates to a slowly decaying drugs and may be in the body for up to 30 hours.That is why even doctors with caution prescribed this drug, as even a small dose can become toxic to the body.It is clear what to expect something good when taking chlorpromazine the influence of alcohol is not necessary.

So remember once and for all antipsychotics, antidepressants, and all other sedatives with alcohol are incompatible!

Take care of yourself and stay healthy!

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