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Recovery of the body after smoking

Smoking adversely affects all the organs and systems of the dependent person.And if the experience of smoking a large, after parting with addiction body will long to come back to normal and free of toxins and poisons.How is the process?

Getting used to a healthy life without nicotine poison - a kind of readapt to normal life.It is accompanied by unpleasant events, when the immune system is working at reduced speed, can be added extra weight and quickly changing moods.At this time, it can happen even digestive disorders and bouts of severe coughing.The body will be weakened before the attack colds.

After giving up cigarettes in the unconscious there is a psychological pit discomfort.This is especially noticeable during breaks, which were once break.Then people could just feel depressed, he gets nervous, he can "jam".That is, it replaces conventional cigarettes or sweets foods, which are used without measure.That is why the period of quitting can be compared with the disease.And at such times, we usually

eat more vitamins, trace elements and control your diet.The same should be done and the dependent person in a period of abstinence from nicotine.

First a smoker always suffers respiratory system - the way in which nicotine is distributed throughout the body.And to support the recovery of light you need to take herbal teas.And even better to visit a doctor-psychiatrist in order to select the optimum means of cleaning the body.Recovery of light takes a period of 3 months to one year.And the specific time depends on the length of the smoker.During this period, it is necessary that the lungs get more clean air.This means that residents of large cities have to spend more time in the forest, village.The most effective means of cleansing the lungs - a regular sauna.Cleaning the whole body cleanses and lungs.And if you bathe in the bath you will with the addition of aromatherapy, the process of such treatment significantly accelerated.Excellent help in this purifying essential oils of fir, eucalyptus, citrus.If you use them, then immediately after a bath can start strong expectoration, cough - the process of discharge of poisonous mucus.

good solution will also be installing in the house or apartment humidifier.Also in the cleaning process helps pets inhalation with the above oils.This is a simple manipulation, the essence of which lies in the inhalation of the oils added to hot water.Over a bowl of water with the need to bend over and breathe, but maintain a safe distance so as not to get burned.Can also be used for inhalation charges of juniper and pine needles, oak leaves and eucalyptus.To accelerate the cleansing mechanism of the lungs help aerobics, swimming or jogging.

As a result, nicotine addiction human circulation is drastically deteriorated.This leads to problems with male potency.Violated erection.Perhaps even a complete sexual impotence.And the chances of recovery of sexual function is the smaller, the more experience the smoker.After giving up cigarettes and thus cleansing of the whole body, men watch men increase their power.On average, such a recovery takes about six months.Despite the fact that the body starts the natural process of recovery, a consultation with a urologist man who gave up smoking, the excess will not be.The doctor will recommend medication or folk remedies to increase potency.This is especially true for those men, smoking history who is 15 years or more.In such cases, it is important to correctly assign treatment regimen.In this case, you must first be sure to clean the body and have to take on this background aids.Visit bath, welcome herbal teas will also help in restoring potency.

process of recovery of the body after the nicotine addiction in general is best done under the supervision of a specialist.