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Groprinosin and alcohol

often our doctors are reinsured and administered for the treatment of not very dangerous diseases to their patients antibiotics.This type of drugs, of course, effective, it heals.But on the other hand it destroys useful microflora, which protects the body.It turns out that after the treatment of the underlying disease a person starts to treat the consequences of the use of antibiotics.But today in the treatment of colds have an excellent drug Groprinosin.But what about the drug is combined with alcohol?What you need to know about the consequences of such a combination?

He is considered one of the most powerful antiviral drugs.Groprinosin stimulates the immune system.The drug is prescribed, if necessary, prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in the body.The drug is released by the doctor's prescription.Its main active ingredient is inosine pranobex.

In what specific cases prescribed Groprinosin?This viral infection of herpetic origin, subacute panencephalitis, cytomegalovirus disease, flu, bronchitis,

acute respiratory viral infection, pneumonia, human papilloma virus, secondary immunosuppression.Effective drugs used to treat chickenpox.It is prescribed to adults and children from 3 years.Also Groprinosin may appoint for the purpose of disease prevention.In addition to high efficiency of this medicine has another property.It is combined with other drugs.This is important in the therapy.

But starting the treatment this tool, you need to know about its possible side effects.They include nausea and loss of appetite, diarrhea and constipation, headache, fatigue, allergic reactions, and polyuria, gout exacerbation and urticaria.Very rarely is the consequence of the use Groprinosina angioedema.

medicine is usually given after a meal, after every 6 hours.Precise and specific scheme for each patient prescribed by a doctor, who usually paints it in 5 days of treatment.This period can also be extended depending on the effectiveness of therapy.

drug Groprinosin activates macrophages - cells responsible for immunity.The drug has low toxicity, it is assigned and elderly patients.If at the beginning of the disease start the use of this medication, the treatment will not be sustained.After all, any disease should be eradicated at the beginning, not running it.

There are also restrictions on the use of Gropronosina.Contraindications include arrhythmia and heart disease, pregnancy and lactation, urolithiasis and gout.Also contraindication may be intolerant of one of the components of the preparation.

Given that the drug increases the body's uric acid, its combination with alcohol can intensify the formation of crystals in the urinary channel.

Patients with diseased liver is assigned a lower dose Groprinosina due to the fact that the drug is metabolized in the liver.With this in mind, the use of alcohol during the period of treatment is prohibited.It can cause extensive alcohol intoxication.Groprinosin virtually no effect in combination with alcohol.Also, allergic reactions are possible.And indeed during the treatment can not take alcohol, because it adversely affects the function curative drugs.Side effects from the use of Groprinosina similar to alcohol poisoning.

When it happens that to avoid the use of alcoholic beverages can not be (what is debatable), it should at least stand a two-hour break after taking the pills.

Take into account that Groprinosin and its components are removed from our body in the urine within 6 hours after consumption.Alcohol also appears much longer.That is, it turns out that the combination of - a load on the kidneys.Given that Groprinosinom treatment usually lasts 5 days, sometimes a little longer, you can always find a way to avoid the use of alcohol, plan your leisure time, so that the treatment was effective, without disruption and risk.After all, the health of each of us is much more important than questionable and temporary pleasures.