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Alcohol addiction

Alcohol dependence refers to one of the most popular in the world of dependency, which is familiar to many families.Statistics confirm that more than 900 thousand people die each year from alcohol abuse in our country.At the same time, if you ask an alcoholic why he drinks, he usually responds - to relax and forget about problems.However, this is short-lasting, which provides the use of alcohol, sooner or later leads to addiction, which is a serious disease.

fairness, we note that alcohol causes at everyone.This genetic predisposition, and a massive propaganda in the media, and depression, and failure on the job, and much more.Everyone chooses to let the relationship with alcohol.But today we want to talk about alcoholism as a serious illness, and tell you what stage of alcoholism await alcoholics.Also we will tell more effective recipes of traditional medicine on the treatment of alcohol abuse in the home.So if you are interested in this issue, we try to help you.

alcoholism as a progressive disease o

ccurs in three of the successive stages.The transition from one stage to another is smooth and quietly.Alcoholism never begins suddenly.Therefore, the first stage of alcoholism leads phase of regular use of alcohol, which has a duration of one year to 10 years.Those people who are predisposed to alcoholism, pass through this stage quickly, in just a few months and go into the first stage of alcohol dependency.Therefore, if you are sure you do not become an alcoholic, because the drink from time to time - the doctors do not agree with you.Everyone systematically use "culture", the risk of becoming an alcoholic.

Remember that stopping alcohol dependence can only complete and final sobriety.However, even in the case of disruption of rare disease will steadily progress.Even a rare failure is able to weight alcohol dependence, tighter tightening knot of problems.

Man interested in alcohol, experiencing the craving for alcohol, drinks, and knows no measure.The intoxicated person is not in control of himself, often does not remember what happened to him during the fun.Such people have not called professional alcoholics, but to fans of high rank attributed.Drink at this stage do not throw, so it takes several years and often passes into the second.

The second stage of alcoholism joins the main feature of the disease - a withdrawal syndrome.This syndrome is manifested in severe hangovers, the alcoholic is able to endure until the evening.But after work, usually in a hurry to improve their health.If, however, the evening alcoholic doterpet can not and freshen the nip in the morning and before dinner, then this indicates a shift in the drunken alcohol stage.There is already inevitable problems in the family and at work, life goes downhill, and admit that the situation will become uncontrollable can no alcoholic.Alcohol is firmly fixed in the mind, and without alcoholic life seems meaningless.That is why the family, children, work, and everything else goes by the wayside.Some people drink all the time, others - with interruptions, but in both cases, the disease progresses, and stop only the final course of the disease may sobriety.Often at this stage alcoholics try to quit drinking or make attempts to quit, because disturbances in health are already being felt.

third stage of alcoholism refers to long-term alcohol abuse.At this stage, pronounced severe withdrawal syndrome.The health situation is much worse: the defeat of the liver and other organs, impotence, elliptical seizures, alcoholic psychoses, memory disorders, encephalopathy, polyneuritis - all this is characteristic of the third stage of alcoholism.

Drinking alcohol, usually daily.Binges accompanied by sleep disturbances, uncontrolled craving for alcohol.By the end of the binge appears severe weakness, vomiting, trembling of the hands and body, headache.

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is a rather difficult and long.Liver manifest hepatitis and often turn into alcoholic cirrhosis.It affects blood vessels and the heart, there is a deficiency disease, atrophy of the gastric mucosa.It is affected and the reproductive system, leading to impotence and infertility.

irreversible changes in the nervous system, memory and intelligence are violated, the person degrades.Frequent alcoholic psychoses.However, in some cases even drink alcoholics drop out in the third stage.

At whatever stage of alcohol dependence or was an alcoholic, a chance to fight this disease is always there.Of course, the recovery depends on the willingness of the patient to overcome this addiction, however, and help loved ones here plays an important role.That is why it is important to start treatment on time, and it is best to consult a specialist.However, in many cases, it helps the national treatment of alcohol dependence, which means we'll talk further.

Let's start with the fact that all methods of alcoholism treatment by folk remedies can be divided into four main groups:

means causing aversion to alcohol - plant collections of medicinal herbs have the ability to reduce cravings for alcohol.However, drinks prepared on their basis can not be considered a full-fledged drug.Take their recommended as a maintenance therapy in the treatment of alcoholism.

infusions and decoctions herbal help reduce emotional stress, have a detoxification effect, a beneficial effect on the digestive organs.There are also more radical means - herbal based on poisonous plants, which, when used together with alcohol cause nausea, vomiting and discomfort in the stomach, helping to form aversion to alcohol.However, since these plants are poisonous, their use should take place under medical supervision.

Methods coding and psychological effects include plots of binge and heavy drinking, which for many are very effective folk remedies.These are often used for one simple reason, when a person does not recognize himself ill and refuses treatment.The ritual can be performed without the knowledge of the patient.However, read in the conspiracy holy days and fasting days is impossible.

Home encoding, like the plot, carried out without the knowledge of the patient, most often when he is asleep.It is important to formulate the correct set of phrases with which encoding will occur.

The group of tools to help prevent a hangover or quickly sobered, include:

religious methods for the treatment of alcoholism - prayer, in contrast to the conspiracy, the church welcomed.Humble prayer confirms the intention to cure the patient and gives a powerful spiritual support.For example, the prayer of the holy Vanifatiyu considered one of the most effective, because in his youth he was obsessed with the holy grave sin of excessive wine drinking, and then embarked on the path of repentance, and was martyred for his faith, became one of the saints.The day of his memory of the Orthodox Church celebrates on January 1st.

As you can see, even at home you can try to overcome alcohol addiction.However, if these methods do not work, do not neglect the help of an expert!

Take care of yourself and stay healthy!