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alcoholic polyneuropathy

horrific consequences of alcoholism.It is human degradation and a whole bunch of diseases, the transformation of a young man at the age of an old man on the physiological data.One of the consequences of alcoholism - alcoholic polyneuropathy.It is, according to statistics, is observed in the major part of alcoholics - from 80 to 100%.The same statistics show that one third of patients all begins with banal complaints like "lain hand» ...

above symptom is actually paresthesia, which is manifested in the beginning as a "crawl" or tingling in it.If the patient is willing to give up alcohol, and the clinical cure can be achieved.If not, then the disease will progress and survival it is about 47%.Then, patients are more likely to complain of numbness in the legs, tension leg muscles, tingling in the fingers of the lower extremities.

alcoholic polyneuropathy Symptoms usually appear after loads and sudden movements, because there is strong dependent atrophy of the leg muscles, and similar damage are observed

in their hands.Yet the defeat at the feet of the disease are much more common than the hands.

It all starts with small things like: weakness in the legs and convulsive details fingers, pain in the calves.Then develop paresis and paralysis of the lower legs.In humans, as a consequence, it is changing gait, but it seems that the floor or surface on which it is moving, soft.The patient is accompanied by a feeling of falling through when walking.And alcoholic polyneuropathy is accompanied by intense sweating limbs, blue feet and speech disorder.The latter is caused by lesions of the vagus nerve.

addition, an alcoholic markedly reduced sensitivity, resulting in dry skin, its peeling and the appearance and sometimes sores.

Alcoholic polyneuropathy - that mental disorders.The man begins to suffer memory disorders, it is disoriented in time and space.He may even come up with events that never happened.

Diagnosis "alcoholic polyneuropathy" put via electroneuromyography.It determines the level of the patient and the extent of destruction degerativnye process.Such research is also used to control the dynamics of the disease and treatment progress.Electroneuromyography gives information about the patient's health condition and the doctor confirms the diagnosis.The very diagnosis of the disease based on the patient's complaints, which have a history of the disease, and neurological examination the doctor, who puts the preliminary diagnosis.

Alcoholic polyneuropathy usually develops gradually.But it may well be an acute development of the disease.This usually occurs after alcoholic excesses (eating large amounts of alcohol for several days).

If the disease develops gradually, is a major factor in effective treatment is early diagnosis and its complete rejection of the use of alcoholic beverages of any kind.The taboo on alcohol - the most important condition for the success of treatment.Otherwise, why then do start treatment?It should take place against the background of a good, high-quality, balanced nutrition, course B vitamins is prescribed in treatment of alcoholic polyneuropathy drugs that improve blood microcirculation, antihypoxants and antioxidants.If a person has clearly expressed pain, he prescribed analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs.dependent and prescribe antidepressants if required.

In the treatment of the disease can also be used folk remedies.But the treatment of alcoholic polyneuropathy they necessarily need to agree with the doctor.

great importance in the course of treatment and physiotherapy plays.It strengthens the muscles and prevents the development of contractures.And, of course, an important condition for treatment is psychological support for their sick loved ones, relatives, acquaintances.

If the patient was able to reduce or stop the manifestation of symptoms of the disease, and then again took up the alcohol, the symptoms of alcoholic neuropathy may be several times brighter painful.For this reason, people who have undergone treatment for alcoholic polyneuropathy, prescribe further treatment by a psychiatrist to mitigate the impact and full refusal of alcohol.

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