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Alcoholic hepatitis

dependence on alcohol - a tragedy that has psychological and physical consequences.For the body of the alcoholic, this dependence is often accompanied by the development of alcoholic hepatitis.What is this disease, what are its symptoms, methods of treatment?

Alcoholic hepatitis - an inflammatory disease of the liver caused by long-term and regular intake of alcoholic beverages.The systematic use of alcohol leads to the disease.It is also called steatohepatitis or alcoholic steatonekroz.

should be noted that this disease are more prone to women.After all, the female body has less enzymes detoxifying alcohol.Therefore, a small but systematic excess amounts of alcohol can cause in women is liver damage.Increased risk of occurrence of the disease in people suffering from hepatitis B, C, D, and those who have excess body weight and insufficient.

Alcoholic hepatitis in the early years can not be shown.And then its symptoms are similar to symptoms of other types of hepatitis.It's a pain in the right upper q

uadrant and fatigue, sudden weight loss and vomiting, belching and diarrhea, dark urine and stool discoloration, yellowing of the skin or eyes, itching, and temperature 37 ° C.

When several of these symptoms should seek medical care.Diagnose the illness is usually based on the biochemical analysis of blood.It shows an increased amount of liver enzymes.Confirm the diagnosis of liver biopsy.

therapy of alcoholic hepatitis - is, above all, a complete rejection of alcohol dependent person, respect him a strict diet, the adoption of vitamins and drugs for liver regeneration.Proper treatment, his scheme may appoint only an experienced doctor.The treatment process lengthy, it requires a systematic approach.

Usually, treatment is started in the hospital medical institutions, and with the progress and success of the ambulatory ends.

If alcoholic hepatitis is detected at an early stage and dependent stopped drinking, meets all medical appointments, diet, the cure of a favorable prognosis.Compensatory liver opportunities such that the incipient hepatitis with cirrhosis of absolute abstinence from alcohol can lead to the patient's recovery.

But statistics show that to completely abandon the use of alcohol can be only one-third of all patients with alcoholism.Typically, these people are not afraid of death.

therefore imperative the treatment of alcoholic hepatitis is to get rid of "friendship" with alcohol.Why then do start treatment, if the slightest dose of alcohol can reduce it to nothing?The effect of such treatment would be zero.It is understood that the minimum dose Even alcohol can cause liver failure, liver coma and lethal.

great importance in the treatment of this disease is diet.Its basis - foods rich in protein.The meat and fish, milk and cheese, beans and seafood.Fatty and fried, fast foods, and spicy dishes from the menu should be excluded.Eating should be strictly by the hour 4-5 times a day.Portions of the food should be small.In each case, the treatment of alcoholic hepatitis diet prescribed by a doctor.It comes from the stage of the disease, the patient's state of health.

Usually Alcoholics always suffer from vitamin deficiency.Therefore, an auxiliary in the treatment is the vitamin.In the case of alcoholic hepatitis appoints Dr. B vitamins, ascorbic acid.

Usually alcoholic hepatitis therapy used gepaprotektory.These medications promoting regeneration of damaged liver cells.These drugs include: "Essliver forte" and "Geptral", "Geptor" and "Karsil".

in the treatment of alcohol dependence and hepatitis today use methods that allow for the long term to improve the condition of the liver and the main thing - to prevent the development of cirrhosis.