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Delirium tremens : what to do

«friendship» with alcohol very quickly becomes dependent on it.And this is a degradation that gradually begins to manifest mental disorders.One of them - delirium tremens.The first such attack can be observed in a dependent person after consuming alcohol for a long time and then attacks are becoming more frequent.But watch this attack and nothing it does not do - it is impossible.Therefore, in such a situation should be prepared and know what to take.

Before the attack in a dependent person, a sharp aversion to alcohol.Sometimes this may be the rejection of its use, which should generally arouse suspicion relatives.Then, the alcoholic begins to run around the house, motayas from side to side.He abruptly changed the mood: tears and laughter can change the state of a temporary calm.Can start in dependent and tantrums.It is also possible depression.In the dream, man is able to suddenly wake up from a nightmare.Then he begins to walk around the house, because he mereschatsya all sorts of insects.Also, an al

coholic may be frightened and hide from the non-existent images.This is a hallucination.

Most often attacks of delirium tremens in a dependent person starts at night.To avoid this, the alcoholic need to show the doctor to begin treatment.For the first time after the attacks of delirium tremens are amplified and become more frequent.Pictures alcoholic visions are becoming worse: rats, beetles, snakes, spiders haunt him.And the behavior of the person at the same time is able to plunge into the horror of even the human psyche to the reception.Dependent screaming.It can split items in the course of his escape, and throwing.He mereschatsya threats and harassment, and this leads to its aggressiveness in the highest manifestation.At best, he can hide from imaginary enemies, and at worst, his reaction is hard to predict.

It is very dangerous for the family and other people who may simply not recognize.His speech at the same time incomprehensible gestures is defensive.

«Squirrel" is very dangerous and very alcoholic.After all, he is able to jump from the balcony to throw himself under the car to rush to the window.Unintentional suicide - a frequent result of such an attack.

But it should be noted that it is clearly understood at this time who is where and with whom to live.

Blue Devils sometimes complicated syndrome mutterings.Man simply lies and says strange sounds, grimaces.From it starts to come out the stench, the skin becomes gray, then burgundy.The latter - a sign of pressure.

When the surrounding or near the alcoholic people observe signs of delirium tremens, the person is extremely necessary to be hospitalized.It is usually placed in a drug treatment or a psychiatric hospital.After all cope with it in such a state is impossible, and may just die without the help of doctors alcoholic.

First Aid alcoholic relatives of people is to keep him in bed, in the room before the arrival of doctors.Of course, everyone will be better and safer if it will be possible to link.In this state, it should allow to drink.You can apply a cold compress if you can do it.

desirable to give the alcoholic something soothing (permitted even sleeping pills) and not to deviate from it even for a minute.After all, even in a bound state, it is able to cause himself injury.

When the doctors come, they are immediately taken to the hospital alcoholic.There he prescribed drugs that reduce toxicity.This is done with the help of intravenous drips with glucose, gemodez, rheopolyglucin.Then give medicines, restoring fluid and electrolyte balance.Usually alcoholic prescribed Relanium Peridol (drug suppresses hallucinations), administered diphenhydramine or Seduxen.Treatment of this condition includes medications that restore the heart and brain activity, a course of vitamins.

first symptoms improve alcoholic come for 2-7 hours.This man is in the intensive care unit under the supervision of doctors.After all, he attacks at night and can be repeated and reinforced.Therefore, the best recovery method for such a person is a strong and long sleep.

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