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Detraleks and alcohol

When we talk about the effectiveness of treatment, one of its prerequisites is a taboo on alcohol.Alcohol - is always a burden on the body, so sometimes the combination of alcohol and drugs can lead to irreversible consequences.What are the consequences of alcohol and compatibility detraleks?

Detraleks belong to the group of proofreaders and angioprotectors circulation.Use this drug in the treatment of hemorrhoids and limfootekov, as well as chronic and peripheral venous insufficiency.Detraleks comes in tablet form.It has a pronounced tonic effect on veins.Typically, the drug is prescribed for the symptoms and severity of pain in the legs.It is also shown a means for the treatment of acute hemorrhoids.Detraleks is a safe drug.But, like all medicines, it has its contraindications.This individual sensitivity to its components, are allergic to them.Tablets detraleks taken inside.They washed down with water, not other liquids because it is important.

Take Detraleks doctors recommend twice a day.It is bette

r to do it after a meal in the afternoon and evening, when the venous pressure is small.

this drug can not be treated independently, it must prescribe a doctor.And to get the maximum effect of the treatment should be carried out preventive measures: watch weight, reduce the stay on his feet to a minimum, this means more than sitting and lying rather than standing.During the rest have to keep your feet just above the level of the body.It is undesirable to wear tight-fitting and tight underwear.When used in the treatment of hemorrhoids detraleks the dosage increase.This usually 6 tablets per day.The course of therapy a week.As a general rule, appoint Detraleks complex, ie with other medications.It does it in the treatment of hemorrhoids proctologist.

Do not use this medicine during pregnancy and lactation.

Detraleks has side effects: nausea and diarrhea, vomiting, weakness, dizziness, headache, pruritus and urticaria.

The instructions to the drug Detraleks it is that it can not be combined with alcohol.All alcoholic drinks have a negative effect on the cardiovascular system of the body.The investigation of their use - increase in blood pressure.In people who suffer from hemorrhoids, under the influence of alcohol increased the old hemorrhoids, new form.That is Detraleks when combining it with alcohol reduces to zero the drug function and contributes to the progress of the disease.Therefore it is necessary to impose a taboo on all types of alcohol during treatment with this drug and hemorrhoids and venous insufficiency.In addition, keep in mind that every body is different, and foresee all the consequences of alcohol combine with detraleks simply impossible.For some, it can be a dramatic manifestation of the side effects of medicines, for others - no effect of therapy.

best treatment of any disease - its prevention.To prevent venous insufficiency, need more rest and walk, rather than stand and sit.It improves blood flow and prevents stagnation.Useful

will slow walk in the fresh air, walking up the stairs instead of using the lift, an easy morning exercises, frequent lifting of feet above the level of blood flow to the head.

should also avoid hot tubs, replace them with a cold shower everyday.

Overweight - the basis for the development of all sorts of diseases.And venous insufficiency is no exception.Obesity increases the load on the legs, causes venous congestion.

Comfortable shoes without heels no less important than the control of body weight.Sometimes venous insufficiency and prescribed medicines against the disease and results in hormonal imbalance (failures) in the female body.In this case, we can recommend only one thing - not to delay treatment and time to seek medical help.

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