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Chewing gum smoking

What did not offer official and folk medicine for getting rid of the harmful habit of smoking!One method nikotinozamenitelnoy therapy - the use of chewing gum from smoking.How do they work?What are composed and how effective?

Just note that chewing gum - it is not a panacea for smoking, but only an auxiliary method goodbye to the dependence on cigarettes.Using this tool increases the chances of quitting by 2 times.Nicotine gum is similar to normal, but in its composition contains nicotine polacrilex.When a person chews it, it stands out nicotine.Furthermore

polacrilex accessory ingredients xylitol, and the means are peppermint oil, sodium carbonate, acesulfame potassium, a flavoring and corn starch.

Application of gum does not require a prescription.They can be bought in pharmacies.Dosing means nikotinozamenitelnoy therapy can be different based on the degree of dependence on cigarettes.

Note the similarity of action of chewing gum and the nicotine patch.It helps a person to control the level of nic

otine enters the body.However, it should be noted that such a feeling of mild euphoria that occurs when inhaling a cigarette, does not occur when chewing the drug.And then it is also important not to become dependent on chewing gum.Indeed, any habit is very difficult to root out.

Chew a chewing gum for at least 30 minutes.Doing this is recommended immediately after feeling the desire to smoke.Note that during the day of gum may use no more than 15 pieces.This means usually contains four milligrams of nicotine.

Experts warn that with the help of gum to get rid of addiction is only possible when a solid solution of a smoker.Chew they should be as long as the taste will not be intense.Then attach the gum inside the cheeks and hold to reduce the sense of taste.By the way, you can not chew this gum for 15 minutes before a meal consumption.Do not be such a rubber band in his mouth to eat and drink.This reduces the properties of the gum.For example, coffee, juices, mineral water can reduce the absorption of nicotine in the gum composition.

Experts categorically prohibit smoking in time nikotinozamenitelnoy therapy.Otherwise, why chewing gum?

nicotine gum can be used with the age of eighteen.If smokers have heart problems and thyroid gland, stomach and kidneys, if he is suffering from diabetes, you should always consult with a narcologist before nikotinozamenitelnoy therapy.

Despite the safety of nicotine gum, it has its side effects.This is a hiccup and a tingling tongue during chewing, jaw pain, and indigestion.Moreover, recurrences are also possible - after returning to nikotinokureniyu applying this method.

The advantages of this means of getting rid of nicotine addiction include ease of use and variety of flavors, the ability to pick up the gum with the desired amount of nicotine and its rapid penetration inside the organism.

So, nicotine gum - one of the most effective ways to get rid of smoking.It is safe, but does not exclude adverse effects on the human body.For this reason, before using it is not superfluous to consult a good specialist on the possibility and expediency of gum from smoking by you.

can find many polar reviews on the use of such chewing gum.And then you can clearly trace the trend: the more experience the smoker, the lower gum helps.It is obvious that long-term nicotine load requires a radical, rather than ancillary methods of getting rid of addiction.However, the decision is made by every man for himself.