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The plot of drunkenness

Official statistics says, one fifth of boys in Russia suffers from alcoholism.In the first stage of the disease men refuse to admit there is a problem.But it is precisely at this stage of the disease is easier to cure.And to help in this conspiracy - old rituals to get rid of alcohol addiction.

Their action is like a miracle, so few people believe in the healing with the help of "magic".But consider this way of dealing with alcoholism more.

Most drinkers pleads not alcoholics and, of course, refuses to be treated.This is precisely the main obstacle for the family to help the dependent person.If an alcoholic for various reasons, can not be forced to be treated with medication and stationary, it is possible to apply the action of conspiracies from alcoholism.

Practice shows that their effect is quite efficient.But, of course, as with any method of getting rid of alcoholism, plots can not give a 100% guarantee of the result.There are many factors that can increase the effectiveness of this method.And the

main factor - the belief in the result.

The biggest enemy of this method of getting rid of alcohol addiction are drinking buddies drinking.They adversely affect the dependent person.But do not despair, because the powerful and time-tested rituals reduce the development of alcoholism, awaken in people the desire to say goodbye to addiction.

popular among desperate people are plots Siberian healer from alcoholism.These plots - begging to get rid of the habit of close friends.To get the result of the ritual is necessary to take seriously the situation.First you need to choose the right day.If a man drinks, the better the ritual prodelyvat Thursday, Tuesday and Monday, if a woman - then on Wednesday and Friday.For best results, seek when he understands their problem-dependent and is ready to get rid of dependence.Then the treatment will be more effective and the result is faster.

fasting, visit the bath, put on clean clothes should be a couple of days before carrying out the conspiracy Siberian healer.Then, pour a glass of water (preferably spring) and read a prayer over the water three times.Then the water should be drink, thinking about getting rid of the habit of success.The desire to get rid of the addiction and the protection of heavenly forces will do the trick.

Often plots Siberian healer from alcoholism made the picture a sick person.This prayer is read 3 times in the waning moon above the photo.

Before that, again, the need to go to church, to submit a note for dependent health.This will strengthen the action of the plot.In the temple, you need to buy a candle, light it at home when performing the ritual with a photo.Siberian healer believes that the conspiracy of the photo should be carried out every month on the 19th.And this method can act very quickly or after some time.If this does not happen the first time, you can not lose hope, and repeat several times with the belief in success.After all, the plot - a kind of folk magic, which is able to create a miracle.This convinced people for many centuries.

This healer known far beyond Russia.Magic Mrs. Stepanova is the desire to help a good word.Natalya Stepanova as the successor business to protect people from evil forces shall help the people.Conspiracies healer from drunkenness - one of the most effective.They are based on a reading of the special words on alcoholic beverages.These prayers are obligatory on the waning moon to decreased and dependence.The magic words are pronounced three times.In this case the name is spelled dependent on a bottle of liquor.Then, the bottle should be attributed to the cemetery to put on the grave of the deceased, whose name matches the name of a dependent person.We must ask the deceased to protect the bottle and do not allow to drink close to you.

Many relatives of dependent people confirms the validity of this ritual in the liberation of man from alcoholism.