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How to quickly get rid of a hangover

Almost every one of us familiar with the hangover syndrome when, after a fun and festive evening comes gloomy and morbid morning.Dizziness, nausea, pain - all these are signs of alcohol withdrawal syndrome, which wants to get rid of as soon as possible.Especially in front of a working day.That is why in today's post, we acted as a "Antipohmelin" and share with you the most effective and proven methods that help to quickly remove the hangover.

Let's start with the fact that the most effective way to prevent a hangover is to comply with measures of alcohol consumed the night before.However, follow this advice is not always possible.So if yesterday you "touched too much," then let's look at what can be done today to get back to normal life.

Ironically, sometimes opohmelku is the fastest method of getting rid of a hangover.The fact is that during the hangover because of the reduced pressure narrows the blood vessels that cause malaise and headache.A small dose of alcohol can extend them and help get rid of

the problem.However, this method is no longer, if you need to get behind the wheel.And this method is quite dangerous for the health.It is known as alcohol poisoning your body can respond to another dose of alcohol.

What really benefit, so it's a douche.It activates blood circulation, opens the pores and bring toxins.Also shower helps get rid of the headache.After a shower, a good rub with a towel and strode actively in place.This allows you to shake things up, cheer up and come in tone.

Steam not only helps to relieve fatigue and to get rid of many ailments, but also to overcome the hangover.However overboard because the heat increases the load on the cardiovascular system.Together with then leave your body toxins and toxic products of alcohol breakdown.After the bath, you can plunge into the hole and drink tea with lemon.

delicious and hearty breakfast - another effective way to get rid of a hangover.Especially good at helping rich broth with herbs.However, the usual bacon and eggs helps tide of strength and energy.Also the body after a fun needs vitamin C, so any fresh fruits, which are the source of this vitamin will be very handy.

Get rid of the body hydrated will help mineral water, natural juice, green tea or broth hips.Also it copes with the completion fluid deficiency in cabbage or cucumber brine.

facilitate hangover help and medicines - Alkazeltser, Medihronal etc.Regular Aspirin also helps to move and relieve the suffering.And if you take the medicine before going to bed, the morning will not be so difficult.

to excrete all the toxins, it is recommended to take sorbents.Activated carbon, Enterosgel, Smecta - that is in the home medicine cabinet, then drink.

Another way to get rid of a hangover - to eat ice cream.Creamy ice cream in the morning will allow you to get rid of the painful hangover better than droppers.

So, using the above tips, let's make a phased program quickly get rid of a hangover:

During the day, drink mineral water or green tea.However, after lunch, you will be much easier.