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How to learn to drink in moderation

When we talk about the dangers of alcohol, then it is always a question of its frequent and excessive use.Only this way of "friendship" with alcohol turns into addiction.If a person occasionally attends celebrations, holidays, weekends, and self-controlled, pure drinks from the company support, disease and premature aging it will not get any.And when he drank only dry red wine at a dose of 100-150 grams per meal, you can not worry about all the implications and the development of alcohol dependence.Just how do you learn so thirsty?As a measure to comply with the use of alcohol?

answer each person on this issue his.After all, there are people who, after drinking 100 grams, just can not stop.They are, so to speak, bears.And begin hiking with sequels celebration of all drinking establishments.As a result, morning person simply is sick and does not remember anything.But when a drinker at all abandon the proposed dose, and then worry about the consequences of his inning.No provocation - there is no effect.

Few will be able to completely abandon alcohol.And the most powerful poison can be useful, only a matter of quantity.So, the French drink red wine almost every day before lunch and dinner, but of course, not bottles.Culture drinking they instilled from childhood and is inherited.We also factor in parents' inheritance becomes fundamental in the formation of a human relationship to alcohol.

Alcohol relaxes and improves mood, relieves complexes and taboos in communication, and so many like to drink.And lift the spirits of stress in our country in general is considered the norm.Because life is a continuous stress, thanks to the weak and strength of will people become alcoholics.

Based on the above reasons, it is wiser to learn how to drink alcohol in moderation.What will do that?First of all, you need to learn to manage your time.You should never drink alcohol alone and with strangers.You should always monitor the time spent on the celebration.If you go to a party at 19.00, it is planned that at 23.00 you have to be home in time to go to sleep before midnight.And no sequels celebrations with a visit to other guests should not be!

Try to drink one thing.That is, if the wine, the wine, brandy and if, then only one.Typically, one type of alcohol ends quickly, and move on to the other is simply impossible.

If your company has a person who is always self control, it should be him and hold on.Typically, these people feel, and when others need to put a full stop, and help not to overdo it with alcohol.

You should always listen to your body.Do you feel that the head began to grow heavy and difficult language to express ideas, put a point on the drinking.

all certainly know that fasting alcohol acts faster.Therefore, eat before the party, and even better drink a glass or two of milk.It would be a barrier to assimilation of alcohol in the stomach.

It is also important not to drink alcohol.After all, so it is quickly absorbed and carried by the blood throughout the body.

Often companies forcibly pour liquor.Frequent became a situation where it even added drugs or clonidine.Therefore it is always necessary to control the situation and not allow people to manipulate you, whoever it was.Keep an eye on his glasses, holding it in his hand.This will help prevent the violent use of alcohol and intoxication states, then emerging.

So hard to control himself during a party, but it is the power of each.Tune in to the compliance measures before a party or celebration.And do not live other people's opinions about you.Your health will not forgive such a relationship.