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Cartridges for electronic cigarettes

If you are familiar with the e-cigarette, you probably know that this type of cartridges for cigarettes require periodic charging.However, it should be done very carefully, because it can get to you either in the mouth or in the device itself if not properly filling liquid while smoking.Therefore, in today's post, we want to teach you how to properly fill the electronic cigarette, if you have one.

However, before you refill the e-cigarette, we will need to choose a liquid filling.And here it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances.Firstly, the basis for such means consists of propylene glycol, glycerol and distilled water.Secondly, the basis can add flavor and nicotine.Thirdly, there are beznikotinovye liquid.Therefore, the choice is always to pay attention to the following indicators:

You can also buy the basics for self-liquids, in which the nicotine content can be up to 36 mg / ml.

So, we chose the liquid, now let's deal with the cartridge device.Most of them consist of a body, which

is placed in a container for smoking mixture.The container is sintepon, which, in fact, dispenses liquid smoking and does not allow it to develop into a steam generator of the electronic cigarette.

also on the cartridge may be one or two silicone or plastic plugs, which prevent pouring liquid rollover cigarette mouthpiece down.Plugs have small holes that miss pairs.

Now we know what's inside the cartridge, and can safely refill the e-cigarette.In order to fill the cartridge, take it in your hand vertically (sintepon should be at the top).In the other hand, take a bottle with dosing pipette or with the smoking liquid and drip on sintepon three drops.It is important that the cartridge was filled evenly, so sintepon can be a little "povoroshit", using for this purpose a toothpick or paper clip.Then repeat the manipulation of two more times and finally drip on sintepon last drop of liquid smoking.

Note that there is another method of electronic cigarettes.There syntepon content start with the lower layers.To do this, armed with a paper clip and inserting it into a container holding sintepon with one of the walls, to fill the space with fluid.After refueling sintepon straightened so that it is completely saturated with substance.

However, the simplest method is to fill the cartridge refilling smoking fluid using a medical syringe.Just type in a small amount into the syringe and squeeze the contents into sintepon, puncturing it in different places for the best distribution.

important to note that from time to time out of the cartridge you must remove the cap and fill to thoroughly rinse the cartridge itself.However, for washing in any case, do not use detergents, as they will absorb sintepon.Replace the cartridge with a new, on average after 5-10 refills.

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that you need to refill the e-cigarette as gently as possible, because if you pour too much fluid, it will lead to damage to the steam generator.On the other hand, when its amount is insufficient steam generator may overheat.In general, around the need to comply with the measure.

Good luck!