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A cough from smoking

choking cough - a characteristic feature of the smoker with the experience.And the reason for this cough is that in the smoke there are many toxic compounds that irritate the bronchial mucosa.They are deposited on mucosal surfaces soot and tar substances.

How to get rid of this cough?How to treat it?

All smokers cough.And the obvious symptoms of cough from smoking will be clearly manifest after regular smoking for two years.The main symptoms of cough from smoking are coughing after morning awakening, sputum, breathing severity, development of shortness of breath when walking.Attacks of cough in people who smoke are not accompanied by fever.A strong attacks are the first the bells of chronic bronchitis.Statistics show that 90% of smokers have chronic bronchitis.It is therefore important when the first symptoms of cough from smoking to begin treatment.

Among components of cigarette smoke have argon and hydrogen cyanide, methane, formaldehyde, acetone, and heavy metal compounds.Everyone knows what "wealt

h" of cigarette composition causes cancer and serious diseases of the respiratory system.

mucociliary our bronchi performs the protection function.It clears respiratory organs from harmful substances and hazardous compounds.In smokers, in contrast to the non-smoker, ciliary epithelium covered with resin.They even modified.The result of this is to stop the cleaning process in the lungs.Moreover, a large percentage of poisons deposited on the walls of the bronchial tubes and thus damages the air sacs.Smokers develop chronic bronchitis.It should be noted that smoking people simply do not pay attention to the cough, they would not be sick and not think about the consequences of coughing as the alarm.Initially cough is episodic, it does not bring pain, phlegm is not allocated.It begins to appear in the next phase of the respiratory system diseases.Then sputum becomes gray, then go into bouts of chronic bronchitis, sometimes with swelling.If left untreated, it can be complicated by infection.

for accurate diagnosis and treatment of a competent doctor needs information about the number of smoked cigarettes per day man, his experience of smoking.It will also be necessary biochemical blood tests, chest X-ray and sputum renting with sowing for sensitivity to antibiotics.

To get rid of the cough, treatment should be organized properly.Of course, the first thing doctors recommend completely stop smoking and avoid secondhand smoke.There is no point in continuing to smoke and to be treated in parallel.Such treatment is symptomatic.That is, the treatment of cough from smoking should begin with a refusal to addiction.Then the man asks for help from a doctor, lung specialist.He prescribe treatment based on passed diagnostics.Typically, such drugs are assigned as mucolytics as inhalable solutions and syrups, drugs with expectorant effect.

In severe conditions doctor will prescribe antibiotics if necessary.You may need therapy and steroid hormones.To consolidate the achieved result doctors usually advise their patients to undergo physical therapy to restore their health in sanatoriums that specialize in diseases of the respiratory system.

is very common for the treatment of cough in smokers using folk remedies.They help cleanse the body of tobacco residues, but do so more slowly than drugs.Therefore, early treatment of folk remedies need to tune in to the fact that for 1-2 weeks will be no result.This is understandable, because the number of pitches that settled on the bronchi for years, can not be derived quickly.

most effective folk remedies for this cough - herbal teas.This decoction of lime, thyme.Excellent help in cleaning up the honey, infused with black radish.And, of course, it would be great if these procedures are combined with steam.Sauna and bath - a powerful cleaning agent.If you visit the baths for 2 months on a weekly basis, you will greatly accelerate the process of treatment of cough from smoking.