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What could be the consequences of the use of protein ?

What could be the consequences of the use of protein?

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  • whether information is true about the dangers of protein?
  • How protein affects the kidneys and potency?

basic building blocks of proteins are for muscle cells.Contained in meat, fish or vegetable protein products include compounds in its composition fats and carbohydrates, due to the vital functions of the organism from which the food was obtained.

Protein in sport

as used in sports nutrition protein, unlike animal and vegetable protein is purified from impurities protein molecules.

Due to the fact that people are aware of the changes in the usual substances by chemical means, have become convinced of the dangers of protein for the male body.The impact on public opinion had, and the fact that the purified protein can cause digestive disorders and allergic reactions.

whether information is true about the dangers of protein?

Adverse effects of protein consumption technology and production of purified protein impurities allow to include in the diet more and more

necessary protein without increasing the caloric content of the food portions.High-protein mixtures are necessary for bodybuilding class, weight loss and a healthy diet with reduced fat and sugar.

Among the common adverse effects on the body are called:

  1. Allergic reactions.
  2. digestive disorders (diarrhea, constipation, flatulence).
  3. kidney disease.
  4. Reduced potency.

Digestive disorders and allergic to the protein - a widespread natural reaction of the human body to foreign substances that enter into it with food. occurrence of these unpleasant effects due only to the characteristics of each person, their effects can not be called reception is purified protein.They can collide almost every use and conventional products containing protein.


  1. Underlying allergy is idiosyncrasy of some substances.When the content of it in normal healthy food body reaction can be almost invisible because of the presence of many other substances.They mask, reduce or even neutralize the allergen.However, when ingested in a concentrated form this substance causes characteristic reactions in a rash, and other digestive disorders.Protein is free of carbohydrates and fatty substances.Therefore invisible under normal diet protein intolerance may well suddenly appear when receiving the concentrated power.Thus was born the myth of the allergic effects of protein intake.
  2. digestive disorders can occur as a special case of allergies.In some cases, they can be called dysbiosis, or lack of enzymes that are necessary for digestion and absorption of protein.In both cases, the accumulated surplus intestine undigested protein, which causes the active putrefactive bacteria.The process is accompanied by the release of large amounts of gases (indole, skatole, etc.).A similar situation arises in the case where the dose of the protein of the concentrate is too high (250-300 g / day).

To prevent unpleasant consequences of receiving protein, is enough to observe the recommended use of the preparation of the norm (15-20 g per reception) and taking probiotics and digestive enzymes.The use of enzymes allows the body to digest faster and better digest protein.Avoid constipation help increased fluid intake, and foods containing fiber.

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How protein affects the kidneys and potency?

Pain in the kidneys Among the myths about the harmful effects of the protein on the man's body is dominated by concerns about the decline in potency.These rumors are due to the fact that earlier in the produced for bodybuilders and athletes nutritional supplements containing steroids.These substances are also able to increase lean muscle mass, but they have no relation to the applicable nowadays protein concentrate.To avoid problems of male intimate enough to buy a sports food quality, since cheap analogs may contain undesirable components of steroids.

But even high-quality food can affect the potency in the case of the use of soy protein, which is normally used by vegetarians.Its action lies in the high content of phytoestrogens in soy.These substances are plant analogs of female sex hormones.However, due to the relatively small their content in the finished feed, can talk about its practical safety for the male genital.Those who still fear for their health, it is necessary to prefer whey or egg protein.

truly dangerous consequences of the use in the sports nutrition diet can be only in the case if a man have undetected kidney disease.Therefore, before you include in your diet protein drug should consult a doctor and undergo a medical examination.In case of kidney failure from the use of the protein will have to give.


Due to the fact that the processing of the protein the body spends a lot of liquid, when applied sports nutrition for weight loss or muscle growth it is recommended to see to it that the amount ofdrunk per day of liquid is not less than 2 liters.

Essential nutrients must be ingested from natural products.Protein is not an exception, and for a complete healthy diet is necessary to remember that the protein concentrates must be only food supplement.

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