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A set of exercises for men's health and increase potency

set of exercises for men's health and increase potency

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  • Effective exercises for men's health
  • Yoga guard male health
  • If diagnosed with erectiledysfunction

Men's health - a very sensitive issue.Anyone who bears the proud title of Man, seeking ways to extend their "combat capability" in bed, looking at the latest achievements of pharmaceuticals, traditional methods or different diets.Few people know that men's health is primarily in need of exercise.

Sport for Men

Why lost virility?

cause of failure in sexual terms are congestion in the genitals.

This phenomenon does not allow members of the cavernous bodies fill with blood as a result of a member can not acquire the necessary hardness.According to experts, the performance of conventional exercise or sports in this case are ineffective, so pay attention to the special exercises for men's health, able to increase potency.

Effective exercises for men's health

number of exercises that are designed to increase male pote

ncy, requires no special equipment or supervision of coach and can be performed at home.Take a position - standing on a flat surface, simulate the steps so that his knees touched the abdomen.During the exercise, note that the back should remain level and the hand drooping down.

Exercises for Men to exercise become straight, and place the hands on the waist, legs slightly bend at the knees.Perform each exercise as if you need to sit down with the ball caught between his buttocks.After performing squats return to starting position.

Straighten your back, slightly bend your knees.Simulate running on a treadmill, but do not tear off the socks on the floor.Outwardly, this exercise reminds pereminanie from foot to foot.Perform this task you need a fast pace for a minute.

Lie on the floor, on your back, bend your legs at the knees, resting his feet on the floor.Hands relax and place along the body to the floor.To perform the exercise rhythmically lift the pelvis up at least 15 times.

requires special attention muscle located anus and testicles.Coaching of the muscles can be done even in the workplace, it is enough for this strain as though it occurred at containment of urination.During the quest, note that the buttocks are relaxed.Execution efficiency in this case depends not only on the amount, but from the force applied during compression.

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Yoga guard male health

About restoring and enhancing potency and taken care of yoga masters, who told his long-standing arts to our times.

Lie on your back, place your hands behind your head, bend your legs at the knees.Take 12 breaths at a fast pace, then perform 24 movements from side to side, under which will become powdered tailbone.

Yoga for Men Lie on your back, turning to face the wall, place your hands along the body.Lift your feet up and try to touch the toes of the wall (the distance to the wall should be less than half a meter).Reported in this position, move the toes down.Take 4-6 breaths, slowly bend your legs and return to starting position, relax the muscles of the body.

If you were able to successfully complete the above exercise, complicate it.On the inhale let down your legs behind your head to toes touched the floor.Close your eyes and breathe deeply as possible stomach, take at least 4-6 of these breaths.On the exhale, slowly straighten that spine touch the floor.When the back all the way down to the floor, straighten your legs straight up, take a deep breath and as you exhale, lower legs.

male sexual health will promote the exercise "Cobra".Lie on your stomach, bend your arms so that they have the ability to stretch the floor, lift your elbows up.In this position, the legs should be straight and are closed, socks maximally stretched.Take a deep breath and lift your head.Lift the shoulders help to hand, which you'll be on the level of the armpits rest on the floor.Within a few seconds, breathing is delayed and the head leans back.On the exhale, relax and lie down with his head and chest.The number of repetitions - 4-8 times.

Упражнение "Кобра" для мужчин The following exercise will require a chair.Sit on a chair, facing the back.While holding the back, follow the rotational movement of the pelvis.Breathing the diaphragm is carried out, with a sharp exhalation try as much as possible to involve the anus.For one smooth motion you need to have time to inhale and exhale.The number of repetitions - 8-16 times.

Stand so that the wall was half a step away from you.Slightly lean the tips of his fingers so that it is comfortable, without taking socks from the floor, shifting from foot to foot.

Lie on your stomach, bend your legs at the knees.Holding hands ankles, exhale lift the legs up.Lowering his legs, relax and take a few deep breaths.If you find it difficult to reach the ankle, use a towel or belt.

Exercise to increase potency must be performed for 1.5 hours before meals or 3 hours after.

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If diagnosed with erectile dysfunction

erectile disfunction

When erectile dysfunction accelerate the healing process can not only with medication, but well-chosen exercises that will be used to work the groin muscles, the muscles onwhich lies the spinal column load, in addition, effective exercises for the thigh and calf muscles.

no more than 40 minutes is required to perform complex exercises.

  1. Sit on a stool, legs apart at shoulder width.Bent at the elbows, lower down.Palms perform grasping exercises which will be accompanied by a contraction of the anus.After completing the exercise, take a break for 30 seconds and try again.
  2. For the next exercise you need to undress, put a little bent at the knees with your feet shoulder width apart, and your hands positioned on the belt.Within one minute, follow sharp movements hips back and forth while swinging genitals.
  3. Stand naked on his heels.In short breath testicles pull up with force and gather in the stomach with the buttocks.Exhale and relax the scrotum.Do exercise 7 times with an interval for rest no more than 30 seconds.


necessity of exercise is not defined age limits for men's health.As you know, the best treatment - is prevention!