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The use of cardio for men

benefits of cardio workouts for men

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  • selection of optimal loads for training male cardiovascular system
    • Running
    • work by bike
    • simulator "Ellipse"
    • Snorkeling and traditional swimming
    • Step aerobics
    • simulator "Rowing"
    • Walking
    • badminton or racquetball
    • boxing Sport
    • Hatha yoga
  • Types kardionagruzok intensity
  • sleep and nutrition cardio

Special exercises for training the heart muscle (cardio) are necessary for modern men due to the fact that it is healthyheart - a pledge of longevity and quality of life.

Twisting on the floor

Such training is achieved stabilization of the activity of the main body and is burned in him fat accumulation.

can carry out a number of exercises in the home even without the use of simulators or other devices.You can go to a workout in the fitness room.The main thing - remember that the most effective workouts will not power, in the male sense - sverhnagruzochnye and stable moderate, at which at least half will be a spec

ial cardio a day.

selection of optimal loads for training male cardiovascular system

The recommendations - the best alternative to the fitness rooms, because these workouts as a multifunctional "tool", can be used everywhere.

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It would seem trivial task.However, it is still considered one of the best exercises for home cardio.It should be noted that these exercises since the days of the Greeks traditionally male body maintains itself in excellent physical shape!All that is needed for this - a pair of sneakers.One winter run, thick soles, and the second for a run in the summer, on the fine.An important fact: the instep!To fit the shoe for training seriously, not to get after the problem of load with the foot or lower leg.

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work by bike

Yes, it is work!In the standard male approach to the process of training on a bicycle exercise is often seen as recreational.Meanwhile, if you treat it with due care, it can be carried out simultaneously and prostate training and various muscle groups groin area and the seat.A great exercise for men!Moreover, most of these exercise tested the air, thereby improving the circulation of oxygen organism.A training directly to the heart muscle is driving with loads, such as uphill.Such cardio exercise - a great prevention!

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Simulator "Ellipse"

unique simulator for training the heart at home is the elliptical trainer.Today it is one of the most popular.The main advantage of any exercise on this simulator - integrated load balancing.Thanks simulator "Ellipse" in a man's arsenal for cardio appeared universal device that simulates walking on the descent and ascent, running at different angles, and others. Therefore, more profitable to buy today is not just a bike, and is such a universal "unit."

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Snorkeling and traditional swimming

Training in the gym

Snorkeling, snorkeling (it Schnorchel breathing tube.) - A kind of swimming under the surface of the water.Holding your breath under water - the most successful combination of heart and training exercise while snorkeling.Gentle exercise regimen under the water, coupled with the respiratory kardiostimulirovaniem gives a brilliant result!

Next efficacy male exercise for the heart muscle - swimming in butterfly style.This technique gives a high adrenaline rush, although a more measured and steady cardio for a brace.However, any technology will be appropriate in the exercise, if only to maintain a reasonable level of strain on the heart.

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Step aerobics

undoubted leader of home exercise is the so-called step-aerobics.Quite simply, it is a dynamic walking in one place, usually under the rhythmic music.There are many ready-made complexes with exercises recorded on DVD.With this kind of training for a similar impact in enhancing the effectiveness of heart rate compared only dance cardio.

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Simulator "Rowing"

a great workout at home!The simulator provides a very important load on the calf muscles.The simultaneous movement of the arms and legs, in addition to the excellent development of the muscles, provides useful body coordination and the necessary minimum of Cardiology exercises for men.

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Effective cardio workout

most unassuming home exercise!Note that cardio exercise is not as simple as it seems at first glance.It is necessary to consider the work of the hands!How often can bend and unbend them at the elbows while walking at the same time try to move in not quite men's style - "hinge".Let the whole body during exercise wobbles and vibrates - the male ego is inappropriate here.This cardio exercise - an obligatory item of male prevention programs and restore cardiac activity!

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badminton or racquetball

Of course, there are special rooms for practicing this sport.But if we are talking about a harmonious exercises aimed at men kardiostimulyatsionny result, such activity is best done outdoors.The advantage to the knitting training material.Harmony of Nature, the circulation of air in the lungs and the active motor mode - such cardio training will bring maximum results.

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boxing Sport

traditionally male occupations such theme already considered impossible, but more often than men at the same time these exercises can both assert itself, and to train your heart out!This is an excellent way to lose weight, strengthen the legs, become more confident and at the same time hold cardioprophylaxis!Important components of such prophylaxis is available.

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Hatha Yoga

Not many people know that hatha yoga practice is so vigorous load on the male body, which causes the heart muscle to contract rapidly, and this is a great cardio!An example of this practice is Ashtanga yoga - the perfect combination of different asanas and aerobic elements.Be guided by the rule: start small.

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Types intensity kardionagruzok

An effective muscle building workout

So, you can choose any of the above training and exercises, but must be considered important: each kind of different degrees of intensity cardio.It is the intensity of the load on the heart, and should be adjusted to all men, regardless of age.

intensity levels divided by pulse into 3 groups: low, medium and high.Remember or write down for yourselves the following formula: 220 - age = maximum optimal pulse.Assume that you are 25, then your optimum pulse 195 is equal to (220 - 25 = 195).

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Sleep and nutrition cardio

should also like to say about the importance of sleep and nutrition, especially during intensive training.This is a separate issue, but for the home and their home needs a clear setting: by pacing exercises actively engage in is only possible if the appropriate amount of carbohydrates produced by the body man.In the male body carbohydrate replenishment gives the negative effect of wear and fatigue, which affects the heart.


Finally, note that as the recovery of physical shape will be more difficult to achieve the necessary intensity cardio.Sometimes a simple walking or stair climbing stairs makes the heart beat strongly.Especially if you are already quite a while not doing sport exercises.Do not despair, just 1.5 - 2 months of hard home exercises you will feel the full force of natural recovery of the body.


Do!Begin and do! Remember that even a brief home cardio - is better than doing nothing! Help your heart to recover and be able to fully enjoy life!