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Bleeding press and willpower for men : how to become a macho

Bleeding press and willpower for men: how to become a macho

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  • lack of plan - planning failures
  • Bleeding rectus
  • Exercisesstrengthening the back
  • general strengthening of the press and the physical form of man

Despite the well-known expression, women love not only the ears, but the eyes too.

and sluggish saggy stomach or a beauty, no doubt, will not attract. you want instead of beer "belly" to have a dice macho and to attract the attention of all, without exception, on the beach?Then, just for you - the press pumping scheme, which helps simulate the ideal male body.prokachanii press

lack of plan - planning failures

The first step is to create a training plan.The secret of success for the pumping of media men - regularity.If women can practice a little every day, the strong half best suited schedule of 3-4 sessions per week lasting 60 minutes.Set the hours and days that you will be able to give your body and in any case do not miss a workout!Catches up with 2 sets of

1 is strictly forbidden, because it is fraught with not only breaks and sprains, but serious complications of the cardiovascular system and spinal cord scheme

After 2-3 months of compliance with the established schedule can go on daily exercise.But it is provided that during habituation to employment were not failures and omissions.On training days can not drink alcohol and smoking is also better to quit.If this is difficult, it is not recommended to smoke for an hour before and an hour after school.

Each workout should involve all 4 body sections: the upper and lower part of the rectus abdominis muscle, oblique muscle (lateral part), as well as lower back.Each time enough 4-8 different exercises.The only way to get the news and beautiful, and a flat back.To prepare training gym mat, dumbbells and fitball.

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Bleeding rectus

priymay Belly Bear Curl - a classic for the press.Effective and easy-to-performance exercise.Lying on your back, legs to bend at the knees, feet flat on the floor, hands behind head, elbows well in hand.Lower back should remain on the floor as you can, raise your upper torso.Stay for a moment at the top and return to starting position.Suffice it 3 times for 10-12 cycles.Rest can be between 30 seconds.

Twisting the opposite - for the lower abdominal muscles.It is most difficult to model.The starting position is almost the same as when the conventional twisting arms only lie along the body, palms down, and lift have bent knees.It should be as close as possible to pull up the knees head, stay and return to the starting position.Do not put your feet on the floor!Make 3 cycles of 12 repetitions.

back strengthening «Bike" is known to all.Lying on your back and not taking his lower back on the floor, lift the head from the retracted for her hands and bent knees.Pedaling an imaginary bicycle, each time trying to get elbow knee opposite leg.Do not hurry, do 2-cycle 12 times for each leg, ie,just 24.

«Evasion» with weighting.Pick up the dumbbells, sit on the floor, bend your legs at the knees, feet pressed to the floor.Lean back.Holding hands with dumbbells close to your body, turn to the side.The pelvis should remain in place, is only the torso.Hold and turn in another direction.Each turn must be accompanied by a strong tension press.3 cycles of 12 times.

«Flight" on fitball is very effective to create a relief top of the press.Taking the dumbbells in your hands, you need to sit on a large exercise ball and move forward so that the ball remained on the shoulders and head only.Slightly bend your arms and spread them to the side and slightly back.Hold and return to the place.It should look something like the flapping of wings.3 cycles of 8-12 repetitions.

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Exercises to strengthen back

«Bulletin» will help to strengthen both the back and the press.It should lie on your stomach, bend your elbows and stretch them and toes on the floor.Lift torso parallel to the floor, you must hold it in this position for 20-30 seconds.Enough 3 cycles with intervals of rest of 30 seconds.

lifting the opposite arm and leg, too, can be good to strengthen your back.Get on all fours, lift your right leg parallel to the floor, at the same time raise the same left hand.Hold for 1-2 seconds, lower and repeat with the other leg and arm.This is one repetition.All you need to do 3 cycles of 8-12 repetitions.

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general strengthening of the press and the physical form of man

vacuum effort to welcome "cubes", and do not forget about the transverse abdominal muscles.Exercise "vacuum" will make them vividly.Running it on all fours with your back straight.Fully exhale, relax the abdominal muscles, then retract the stomach much.Breathe with the nose, do not hold your breath.The abdomen should be as drawn 15-20 seconds, then relax the muscles.The initial stage - 12 repetitions and gradually increase the number to 25-30.

presented scheme of pumping media will not be as effective as possible, if you do not monitor, and will link their diet.It is better to give up fatty meat - pork or lamb.The natural balance of protein in active training will help maintain excellent beef.Eat whole grains, low-fat yogurt, the right fats (nuts, salmon, olive oil, avocado), fruits and vegetables.

Here are some tips to help you quickly find the coveted male form:

  1. not start training with the pumping media.By training other muscles, the man most often affects the press.If you tire of his from the beginning, all activity can lose the desired efficiency.Make a plan so that the strengthening of the press was the final stage.
  2. Without fanaticism!Do not bring themselves to exhaustion, and his muscles to a burning sensation inside.If it appears, it is possible to transcend the pain and make for a maximum of 3-5 times and go to the next exercise.By the way, the bill - is a great way to distract and "trick" the body, giving him a chance to work out more than it is possible for yourself.Most likely, you can more than you think!
  3. If you decide to buy a trainer, ask for help from a professional.It will help to select the right shell, which is right for you on the age, height and the desired result.


Finally, do not wait for tomorrow, because you can start to work on yourself today.Small willpower, and you - the owner of the press and the ideal center of attention of women.