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Bike harm for men : the causes of impotence and security measures

harm bicycle for men: the causes of impotence and security measures

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  • What is the harm to the bicycle for men?
  • research results
  • How to choose a safe seat?

Biking is healthy.During cycling improves the function of the heart and respiratory exercise leg muscles, developing coordination, increased stamina.But the bike and can cause damage to health, and are more exposed to this danger by representatives of the male half of humanity.

Bicycle riding

What is the harm to the bicycle for men?

bike harm for men is that while riding the body of all its weight presses on the groin, hips clamped passing through the blood vessels and nerve fibers, extending from the base of the spine to the genitals.Symptomatic vascular compression may be familiar to all cyclists numbness.It is usually blamed on uncomfortable shoes, but this is not so: numbness causes constriction of vessels in the crotch area.The deterioration of blood flow can cause problems with male erectile dysfunction.Of course

, those who use the bike from time to time, have nothing to fear.But fans of pedaling for a few hours a day are at risk.

first issue of sexual dysfunction in cyclists raised in 1997 in Boston urologist Irwin Goldstein.He spoke quite sharply, saying that all cyclists are divided into impotent and those who will have it.This statement was perceived by bicycle lovers in arms, but held in the decades of research have been disappointing.Experts have confirmed that the connection between the bicycle and the impotence there.

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research results

bicycle seat Since 2000, in different countries, a number of studies on the problem of impotence in cyclists.They were used during the various technologies.According to one of them on the penis installed sensors that secure the supply of oxygen through the blood vessels.It was found that for three minutes cycling of oxygen flow to the penile is reduced to 70-80%.Half an hour later the numbness occurs, indicating insufficient oxygen.

In general, there is a direct relationship between the duration of travel and the risk of impotence.Australian doctors also noted that the mountain bike devotees observed abrasions, fraught with the emergence of indurations inside the scrotum.

At the same time, the study found that not all seats are equally harmful to health.The most dangerous option turned out to be a classic with a sharp nose and broad back.

established that by using such a drop-shaped seat for the crotch necessary load equal to 25% by weight of the cyclist's body.This figure is 7 times higher than the normal load.

Cyclists must pay tribute to the producers of bicycles: they are fast enough to react to the signal of physicians and presented new seat model.But not all the seats were safe.Modern ergonomic seat having a recess in the center and in the rear sections can in some cases cause more damage to health than traditional designs.Their surface area is smaller and the pressure exerted by the weight of the cyclist on the crotch, greater.Depending on the choice of the saddle risk of impotence cyclists estimated 40 to 65%.

One of the newest developments of the manufacturer - the saddle without spouts.These seats have been proposed by the subject police officer patrolling on bicycles as an experiment, after they have after using traditional saddles found reduced potency.

According to the research it has been found the occurrence of erectile dysfunction, in varying degrees, in 5% of cyclists.But experts believe that the real figure could be much higher.Simply, many men are embarrassed to talk about their problems or is associated with other factors.

Despite the fact that the risk is obvious, completely abandon cycling is not necessary.Firstly, most people do not use it to the extent that can lead to sexual dysfunction, and short trips are completely safe.Second, due to their physiological characteristics cyclists not all equally inclined to impotence.Take care as is necessary for their safety.

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How to choose a safe seat?

Option bicycle seat Properly selected and installed in the seat greatly reduces the risk of developing erectile dysfunction.The purpose of the ergonomic seat was their adaptation to the anatomical curves of the human body.Body weight is distributed on the sitting bones.But keep in mind that the width of the pelvis in different people is not the same, and therefore the width of the seat should be individualized.Too wide seat will put pressure on the inner thighs, using a too narrow - sitting bones will hang around.In both cases there unwanted pressure on the groin.

From the materials is the most unsafe imitation leather.He does not "breathe", which is fraught with fogging genitals.The choice of seat is not worth saving on natural skin, because at stake is the male potency.Well established as plastic seats equipped with shock absorption, gel inserts and other elements designed to reduce the pressure on the perineum.

Equally important is the correct installation of the seat.Adjustment is made for height, angle, horizontal displacement back and forth.

Special shorts for cyclists too by raising or lowering the seat has extra strain on the perineum.To calculate the height of the saddle using different formulas.For example, when spaced 15 cm legs, measure the distance from the floor to the sitting bones, which is multiplied by a factor of 0.833 (for roadies k = 1,09).The result - recommended height of the upper edge of the seat of the carriage axis.

tilt saddle mounted almost horizontally.Raised nose will put pressure on the perineum, lowered lead to slip forward and additional efforts to retain the body in the saddle.

Adjust the saddle in a horizontal plane is necessary so that the body has a vertical landing, without excessive slopes forward or backward.

harm the bike can also be reduced by using special shorts that are provided in the crotch area of ​​a special insert that protects the genitals.

main feature of safe cycling is the absence of unpleasant symptoms, most of which is numbness.


recommend using a bicycle is not more than an hour a day, and with the weakening of potency seek medical advice immediately.

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