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Good exercises to increase height and weight at home

good exercises to increase height and weight at home

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  • How to increase your height and weight at home?
  • Exercises to increase growth in
  • home How to increase body weight at home?
  • How to eat to gain weight?

People complexes about their appearance, and occurs along with weight growth problem.If the increase in weight - for many a favorite thing, and to achieve fulfillment in the home and everyone can, with increasing things are more complicated.

People of different heights

How to increase your height and weight at home?

Let's start with growth.Human Growth may slow down as a teenager because of the use of hazardous substances:

  • alcohol;
  • drugs;
  • tobacco.

children is strictly prohibited to lift heavy loads (it is recommended to give children from 14 years in weightlifting section).
Pay attention to your posture.Very often, we hold back properly when walking, as well as sedentary work.The curvature of the spine, not only leads to diseases of the back, but also to the loss of a few c

entimeters in height.Straighten your back and lift your head up.

Food Review your diet.Eat foods that are rich in vitamin A, D, C, E;do not deny yourself in dairy products.It is important to eat cod liver oil, eggs, parsley, fish oil.If you have a poor appetite, or you do not like this or that product, drink vitamins (without fanaticism).
Remember healthy sleep for 8 hours, 4, 5-meals a day, and lean on cardio.

If you are aged 18 years and above, increase the growth will not be easy.Of course, it is possible to see a doctor who will prescribe growth hormones may have things go much faster.
Methods of increasing growth, ideally designed for daily repetition of exercises.But if you do not have time, then takes a minimum of 3 times a week.

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Exercises to increase growth in the home

you need a home horizontal bar with mounts for the legs, so you hanging upside down, tripping over the crossbar socks.

for this purpose can be purchased at sporting goods stores specialized inversion table.
second exercise is even easier - you just need to hang your hands on the bar.It is possible to complicate his task, and fasten the legs weighting.

In some people, there is another problem - the disproportionate limbs.Most women suffer from the fact that the leg "too short."Then you can try to extend not only to the whole body, but also to focus on the lower part.

Physical exercises Exercise is very simple - the starting position: sitting on the bench.Put on weighting feet and slowly bend your legs.Do 15-20 repetitions.You can then remove the weights and repeat the folding pull legs above, "kicking" the air (about 20 reps).Cranking leg can turn, but you can along - at your discretion.Do
slopes several times a day.Conventional tilts forward, backward, sideways, not only will allow you to stretch your muscles, but also help get some growth.

And yet, like stretching, and ideally be interested in the exercises of yoga.Stretch all muscle groups will be are sure to become higher!
And finally: would not agree to surgery and a broken bone to increase growth.After all, you can quickly and easily "grow" in the home.Just make it a habit to hang out after a hard day at the bar for half an hour as a holiday.Replace lying on the couch stretching.Maintain a healthy lifestyle and you will succeed!

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How to increase body weight at home?

Most people are interested in completely the opposite issue - how to lose weight?But there are those who shy of his fatal thinness and weight have not recruited from a lying lifestyle.To properly to gain weight, you need to proceed from the fact that body weight increases due to muscle and fat.Many would agree that they would like to see the muscles, not the cellulite on your body.

How to increase body weight at home by consuming large amounts of calories:

  • on average, for women 18-20 years old with a weight of about 50 kg the daily dose is - 1760 calories (not to get fat and lose weight);
  • the men in this age should consume 3050 calories a day;
  • the more we age, the less we need food;
  • if you decide to gain weight, then you need to increase the caloric content of their diet.

Remember the following rules:
A glass of juice

  1. Before meal drink a glass of juice to wake up the appetite.
  2. Eat 5-6 times a day, try to eat on schedule at the same time.
  3. Relax for an hour after a meal, do not have a serious exercise.
  4. Eat before going to bed, not to sleep hungry.
  5. Drink tea with lemon balm, to slightly slow down your metabolism.
  6. before bedtime can eat vegetables and protein foods - it helps to increase muscle tissue.
  7. If you do not know how to increase the weight at home, you eat fast carbs - cakes, sweets, cakes, but do not replace all of the daily diet of sweets.
  8. Expect your diet a day you should consume 55% carbohydrates, 30% fat, 15% protein.
  9. Increase calorie intake gradually until you reach the strap 3000 calories a day (a sharp increase in volume of the body facing problems with the skin, stretch marks).

Protein Cocktail:

Mix 2 cups of powdered milk, 40 g protein, pour 2 liters of milk (fat content 3.2), beat with a mixer until complete dissolution of the powder.If you do not like the taste of cocktails, you can add a little cream.Drink this mixture throughout the day, so you can increase the weight increase due to muscle tissue, and if you do not intend to go to the gym, the protein can not be added to the cocktail.

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How to eat to gain weight?

sure to follow your diet balanced.

morning allowed to eat cheese, bread and butter, oatmeal with nuts, coffee, sugar and milk.You can also eat millet porridge, bread with butter and cheese and cocoa with sugar.

Lunch might look like this: pasta, meatballs, bread and butter, juice.

For lunch eat soup or soup, then pasta with meat, stewed fruit or dried fruit.

For dinner, eat scrambled eggs with ham and cheese, drink warm milk or eat buckwheat with milk and a sandwich with sausage.


Avoid stress and intense exercise.Consult your doctor for the means that will increase your appetite, and you will succeed!