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How to increase your own chest muscles ?

How to increase your own chest muscles?

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  • Increase pectoral muscle
    • home How to increase breast muscle simple exercises?
    • How can a burden pushups at home?
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  • Exercises to develop and increase the pectoral muscles for women
    • exercises with dumbbells and sitting at the table

Each of us wants to be healthy, strong and beautiful.But not everyone is doing everything in order to achieve results.Most of the young men and women are content with what they have, while remaining insufficiently fit and envious of their peers, and sometimes even more than adults, which look much more attractive and fit them.Questions regarding why you need to acquire, and then maintain a good physical condition for each of the respondents may be your answer.

The man in good physical shape

To some it's more convenient to live, because when you have no extra kilos of fat tissue, you feel fine, and nothing you do not interfere with sleep or stay a

wake.Some seek to lose excess weight and build muscle, get rid of any disease or reduce the risk of their occurrence.And some beautiful physical form is needed in order to attract the attention of the opposite sex or simply enjoy themselves in the mirror.And the latter formulation is now becoming heard not only from women's lips.Therefore, both sexes need to know how to increase the pectoral muscles.

Increase pectoral muscle

body Workout home to look beautiful, be in the form and pumped, you have to train properly.At the very least, this should be done on a regular basis.It turns out that in some cases it is not necessary to buy a subscription to a gym or fitness center.For example, to increase the pectoral muscles, it will be enough a few simple physical exercises that really perform at home.

Main, where to start - is to put a goal - to increase the muscle of the chest, and then proceed to implement it, following one simple rule: do the exercises carefully and regularly performing the number of repetitions and approaches that recommend doing experts orDo not peretruzhdaya themselves.After all, your goal - to get beautiful and strong pectoral muscles, not a heart attack.

begins to train pecs with recommended exercises that do not involve the use of dumbbells and various weights.

Since the chest muscles located on either side of the front top portion of the human body and are attached to the bones of the shoulder girdle, they can be relatively easily pumped.But at the same time it is aware of their exceptional quality - the muscles of this group do not differ "love" to the exercises, during which they load is exceeded.In this case, they do not tend to increase in volume, but the exercises you will still not be doing nothing, as reinforced chest becomes, despite everything, quite strong.

the body to build muscle Those athletes who are just starting to increase the pectoralis major, and even more so doing it at home should avoid involvement in this process of dumbbells.Since these actions you will be able to deal more damage to health than good.

If these arguments have never convinced, it is better to start with a light dumbbell weighing 2 kg.And further systematic increase of this load can lead you to achieve impressive results.But you have to learn to feel your body, and increase the weight of the dumbbells can be only when you will not feel the difficulties in the exercises with current weights.

No matter how you started to increase pectoral muscle, with weights or not, should warm up before exercise all the muscles of the body.This can be achieved by performing exercises flapping arms and legs in different planes.Turns torso from side to side, bending, etc.

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How to increase breast muscle simple exercises?

Professional fitness trainers and athletes claim that one of the easiest ways to increase breast muscle at home is a simple push-ups.In order to cope with this exercise, you do not need any special equipment, as soon as you engage the process.During this exercise, activated and significantly inflated not just the chest muscles but also the abdominal muscles, all of the hand muscles (biceps and triceps) and, of course, the back muscles.

Push ups from school lessons of physical culture all remember the rules of the classical way of push-ups.However, in order to increase the load and achieve a much more serious sports results, try to diversify the way of push-ups, you have to do them, not only with hands shoulder-width apart.A more useful implementation would be a little different kinds of push-ups, in which, for example, elbows are bent as much as possible, thereby lowering the deep torso to the floor, you want to touch, but do not lie and do not stretch it.

instructions as follows.Please take a starting position, the emphasis lying, but your arms to the side as much as possible.This hand position will increase the burden on the chest muscles, especially the central and lower portions.In order for such non-standard push-ups managed to inflate the upper belt pectoral muscles, recommend the use of exercises in a chair or stool.Put it under his feet and spun as previously described.

second method involves mixing the opposite hands to the center - as close as possible to each other.This option allows you to have a greater burden on the hand, which is also useful for strengthening the pectoral muscles.

Any push-ups require you to perform in an amount 30 times.In that case, when you feel that you can be wrung out 30 times, you will have some way to load the shoulders.The created load must be such that physically you could not do more than 30 push-ups.

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How can a burden pushups at home?

The load on the body with push-ups If you do push-ups and feel that this exercise in the house is given to you too easily, which means that it is time to significantly increase the load.And this would be not quite difficult.Take advantage of what some initially exalted above the floor of objects - a chair, a bed or a sofa.It is necessary to put your feet up on one of them, such as a sofa, and the hands should rest on the raised right and left of chairs or stools.At the same time, make sure that your hands are spaced shoulder width.Push-ups are doing so that the body is lowered below the plane in which is located your hands, that is, under the part of the chair on which you rely.

Another option - squeezing in a sitting position.This can be described as follows: you have to sit on the floor, with your hands on your chair seats that are installed on the left and right of you.The legs can be pulled forward or pick up under him, sat on his haunches.Then bend your elbows, lowering your body as low as you allowed.Then straighten your arms and return the body to its original position.To carry out this type of push-ups you need 4 or 5 sets in one workout.At the same time between sets should leave enough time to properly relax.The latter type of push-ups described as one of the most effective, by which the increase of the pectoral muscles, and the whole body is in a vertical position.

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Other options exercise aimed more affordable next exercise you can do to increase the pectoral muscles

pull-ups Besides push-ups in the apartment.For example, pull-ups.Particularly relevant it will be for those who have the room has a bar.In order to use it to achieve rapid and effective results, it is recommended to carry out a smooth, heavy pull-ups, and the wide bar holding hands.Jerk to increase the pectoral muscles you do not get.

best option consider the implementation of 15-20 pull-ups for 3 sets, during one workout.Despite the fact that this type of exercise requires the installation of small sports equipment, provided with the help of the load will develop and improve not only the muscles of the chest, but also arms, shoulders.

Such exercises like pull-ups on the bar can be done twice a day.Initially, you'll make them in order to bring your chest in good shape, to make it strong and relief, then the exercise will have the status of prevention, that is, maintain muscle tone.

Exercises with dumbbells for chest muscles Other exercises require certain equipment - is exercising with dumbbells.To fulfill that need dumbbells except a narrow board that looks like ironing.To lay on her back, grab a dumbbell on each wrist, the weight of which is better to choose individually.

Lying on your back, raise your hand up first, bringing them together and then spreading.To protect the joints, hands should be slightly bent at the elbows.Breeding hands very well, so that they can plant in the back, not worth it.

dumbbells should weigh as much, so you can make a set of divorce and hands no more than 20 times.During one training session you will need to perform at least 2 of these approaches.

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Exercises to develop and increase the pectoral muscles for women

dreams of a beautiful and large breasts not only men but also women.And if the first increase it with strength exercises for the development of the chest muscles, then why the beautiful half of humanity not to give up surgery to the breast, and try to get a large chest through a little creative exercise.

Exercises for Women help in achieving this goal can special set of exercises to strengthen the chest muscles, due to which it will become a much more rounded, and elastic and supple.These exercises should be done responsibly, three times a week.Each session should start with push-ups in the supine position for 20 times.Maximum load in the performance of all types of exercises will be provided on your pecs.

second exercise should be performed with the use of this accessory as have to rely on its back, putting his feet at an angle of 45 °.Bending the arms, slowly lower your entire body evenly down towards the back, and then lift it back.The third exercise, again, requires the use of a chair.On it you need to sit down, keeping your back straight and your hands on your hips.Do torso rotations in opposite directions, first right, then left, and because 40 times.


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exercises with dumbbells and sitting at the table

After this you need to pick up on the weights, which should not weigh more than5 kg separately, and lie on your back.Push your chest muscles and lift your arms up above him, and then lower them back to the floor.Such an exercise, repeat 10 times.In order to stretch the muscles of the chest, back, use dumbbells.Hold them in your hands, sit in a chair, back straight.This is your starting position for the fifth type of exercise.Slowly move on to him - splay and hands.This range should be as wide as possible.10 repetitions will be enough, they must be carried out in two approaches.If you do everything correctly, you will feel like your chest is strained after a workout.

Subsequent exercise is done sitting at the table.Put your hands on it in front of him, palms down.Begin to press hard on the table, and you will feel the tension in the muscles.Each such press should last at least 30 seconds, and try all the time to keep the chest muscles in a high voltage.After class, they will hurt a little.But this is only the beginning, then, are accustomed to, you will not feel discomfort.However, complete addiction to wait not worth it, and over time, your body will require a gradual increase in load.


Catching house, try to listen to your body, and the appearance of signs of fatigue, relax, let your muscles rest. When you train in any case it is impossible to do sharp movements or jumping, it can harm your health.Therefore, all exercises should be performed at a low pace.

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