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A quick way to pump up the men's abs

quick way to pump up the men's abs

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  • How to download real men?
  • Nuances pumping muscle belly
  • quick way to pump

strong relief abs - what could be more desirable for every man?However, even the most inflated bodybuilder can tell you how difficult it is to make embossed squares on his belly.

Formation abdominals

To belly was nice and a relief, just is not enough physical activity -Follow still adhere to a certain diet.

As for exercise, they are different, but you need to bear in mind that in order to achieve early results need to do more than one exercise, and the whole complex.Note that the abdominal muscles develop only when repetition is performed much in connection with this more repetition is performed the better will be the results.In order to pump up the press, the man should be addressed to the moment when the muscles do not ache - then you can be fully confident that training for nothing has not passed such a way to pump up the press is the most effective.

How to download real men?

  1. We attach press relief most common exercise is the following: is engaged in the starting position in the supine position, hands at the same time are behind and need to catch up with his head to the feet.Despite the simplicity of such exercises, it is very effective, not less than 20 repetitions to be performed to achieve the desired result.However, it should take into account the fact that the abdominal muscles are very quickly become accustomed to loads, so that the results are constantly growing, it is necessary to constantly increase the number of repetitions.It is recommended to increase them by 5 every week until you have done 50 times.
  2. should be exactly lie on the floor, legs at the same time to pick up and try to keep their weight at least 20 seconds.These classes are very effective, but only if every week to increase the amount of time with their feet.
  3. necessary to lie on the floor, bend your knees, and then to catch up to him, trying to touch the left knee with your right hand and vice versa.We need to try to do at least 20 repetitions.Number of pull-ups should constantly increase, only then can we expect a positive result.
  4. Sitting on a stool, you need to bend the leg at a time pressing them to the body.This is done not less than 20 repetitions, and their number should always do more.
  5. last exercise - push-ups.Many believe that the classic push-ups contribute only pumping muscles in the arms and chest, but in fact in the performance of such an exercise is inflated and the press.

If you perform this exercise program correctly, then we can safely count on the fact that a couple of months through the stomach will become a strong, high-quality and relief.

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Nuances inflating the abdominal muscles

Exercises for the abs Those who wish to download the press, should be aware that a flat stomach is only the beginning of the path. The fact that the press - this is not a muscle, but a whole group of muscles.The surface is covered with a straight flat stomach muscles that rascherchivaetsya bands of connective tissue.On the left and on the right side obliques are from her.As is evident, there are three muscles, and to effectively swing the press, you should use a set of exercises.

engaged in physical training, you should know that each exercise is developing a "top" or "bottom" of the rectus muscles.To make it more understandable, it should show this as an example - if you climb the legs, the lower part of the press develops, and if the case, then the top.It is necessary to take into account that only the performance of physical exercise will not give the desired result - it will help to achieve the maintenance of an appropriate diet.

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quick way to pump

In order to make your body beautiful and strong, not necessarily spend a lot of time - you can do it quickly enough if a certain set of exercises to perform properly.

  1. Basic exercises necessary to take a position lying down and bend your knees so that your feet are on the floor the entire sole.Hands stretched along the body, it is necessary to look directly at the ceiling, take a deep breath, then hold your breath and begin lifting the head and shoulder area.Then you need to stay in this position for a few seconds, and during exhalation should return to the previous position.Before you repeat the exercise, you should take a break.
  2. Hands should be folded on the chest cross (you can enclose them under the head).On the chest should be placed burdening (for example, a pancake from a bar), bend the knees and begin to raise them up, shin while are on the bench (you can also rest against the wall feet).This exercise increases the effectiveness of training.
  3. «Curl» performing this exercise develops mainly rectus.The trunk should be raised to the vertical.When performing this exercise you need to follow a moderate speed, between each set should do rest for at least half a minute.It is not necessary to do this at a fast pace, because the effectiveness of this approach is lost and it becomes difficult to achieve a result substantially.The effect of this exercise is achieved only when it is satisfied the stress, slow, then everything will be just fine.

This whole process is carried out in two stages (the so-swinging any muscle).In the first stage, the set of muscle mass, which you need to perform basic exercises.Excellent effect gives legs when lifting vise on the bar.Very good effect lifting body with turns.


second stage of inflation - drying.At this stage, you need to drive oil and seek relief.In this regard, the exercises should be added jogging described above (the need to raise high the knees).If you do everything properly, the result will be a man, and feels confident.