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What type of breathing in men ?

What type of breathing in men?

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  • rhythm of ventilation, the respiratory center
  • main features of abdominal breathing
  • useful for the organism

In nature, there are 3respiratory type: thoracic, abdominal and mixed.Breast is most common in women.The process of going through the intercostal muscles.To determine the type of breathing in humans, a specialist must carefully follow him, and so that the subject did not think that watching him. When abdominal type of ventilation is carried out with the help of the abdominal wall and diaphragm. If a person has a mixed type, during inhalation and exhalation are involved and those and other muscles.In frequent cases, the patient has shortness of breath, lack of air.These ailments can occur both during exercise and at rest.

Respiratory system

frequency counting abdominal breathing in men carried on the number of movements of the abdominal wall.

It also should be carried out quickly, since a person can get into a fuss and respiratory rate i

s violated.If the subject is worried it may become more frequent.The adult male is about the frequency of 20 strokes per minute, but it is in sleep significantly decreases and reaches 13 times per minute.abdominal breathing rate in men may increase if there is fever.This can happen in the case if a man something sick.After a person has received the food, oxygen absorption process may be involved.If you have lung and heart disease, they can contribute to a violation of the abdominal, thoracic, and mixed types.If the patient has very infrequent breathing - it can be a pathological symptom.

rhythm of ventilation, the respiratory center

Rapid breathing depth of breathing should also be taken into account.It is usually determined according to the volume of exhaled air.Checking should be done when the patient is at rest.The man with abdominal type of volume is 600 ml.Depending on how deep the person inhales air, determined by its volume of respiration.We can distinguish superficial and deep breathing.If a man is breathing deeply, ventilation frequency is lower, and vice versa.If breathing is noisy, it is said that it is not normal.In this case, there is a pathological disease.Noise air exchange can be even when a person is in a coma.

It is also important to determine what is the breathing rhythm is normal.This definition implies equal intervals of time between inhalation and exhalation: air exchange is carried out with the same depth.If you see a violation of rhythm, you should consult your doctor.In this case one can observe apnea.Violation of nasal breathing can lead to complications.The man can disrupt sleep, or difficulties occur during the meal.When the abdominal type of ventilation in men there is an expansion of the chest cavity in the vertical direction.This is due to the diaphragm.Thus, there is a thorough ventilation.

Proper breathing Through existing respiratory center, airflow is regulated.This center is located in the medulla oblongata.If the blood contains large amounts of carbonic acid, it will serve as the main cause of irritation in the respiratory center, there will be a lack of oxygen in the blood.The airways and the muscles are able to let the irritation in the respiratory center.If the patient is breathing stops, the best would be the compression of the chest, ie artificial stimulation.Air exchange is regulated by the brain, particularly in certain sections.Muscle activity also affects the breathing.On air frequency affect emotional distress and severe mental strain.

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main features of abdominal breathing

Each baby is breathing with the help of the abdomen.On the inhale his little belly rises and falls as you exhale.This process is completely natural and right.However, when a person grows up, he does not think about how his breathing.

Men and women are able to migrate to the thoracic type of breathing.You should know that in this case strongly constrained by the abdominal type.It is believed that a woman breathes chest, belly and the man.It is important to note that especially affect the respiratory various emotions: excitement, fear, anger.If a man is under the influence of the above emotions, he is apt to inhibit the active walls of the abdominal and breast breathing.

Pulmonary ventilation type Abdominal type of ventilation is really inherent in the male body, but also because women need to breathe.At least from time to time.In the process of the diaphragm moves well, it saturates the body with oxygen and blood.If you learn how to breathe correctly, you can make yourself invisible heart massage, which is very useful.In order for the body receives enough oxygen, it is necessary to abandon the tight, compressive garments.Shirt, T-shirt, a tie should not hamper your movements.Men exhale longer than inhalation is about 3 times.Abdominal breathing should be infrequent.If you want to have a beneficial effect on the body as a whole, need to learn to hold their breath.Thus, there is saturation and blood cells.In order to properly implement the breathability of the abdominal type, you need to breathe through the nose.

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useful for the organism

man breathes his nose, and the air entering the inside is filtered from dust, harmful components.If the nose is not able to breathe the air, it is important to consult a specialist and to identify the problem.Maybe so that nasal respiration will be weak.Thus, it may weaken the body's nervous system.The usefulness of abdominal breathing is undeniable.This type has a direct effect on the nervous system.Man is important to learn to use abdominal breathing.Thanks to him, it is possible to stabilize the mental activity, normalize sleep, improve digestion in the body.


If the right to use abdominal breathing, you can rid yourself of the disease or to prevent their occurrence.It is important to remember that proper breathing helps to keep youth and vigor for a long time.

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