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How to remove belly fat fast with the men ?

How quickly remove fat from the abdomen in men?

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  • Why is formed stomach?
  • Exercises, fat burners
  • How to remove fat in the abdomen?
  • complex with a hula-hoop, fitball and dumbbells
  • Yoga guard attractive figure

How to remove fat from the abdomen in men - a question that interests everyone who, comparing itself with the figureApollo, shyly lowers her eyes.Before moving to the complex effective exercises, and answer the question of how to quickly remove the fat from the abdomen, it is worth considering the reasons for its occurrence.After all, knowing the enemy in the face, it is easier to deal with it.

Fat on a man

Why is formed stomach?

The cause of unattractive belly is flabby and weak abdominal muscles mass.Also, do not forget about the accumulation of fat around the internal organs, the accumulation of subcutaneous fat and the poor performance of the intestine.

process starts when there is at first sight harmless fatty layer, which in the absence of action turns

into body fat scale.Subcutaneous fat has the ability to induce the growth of domestic and abdominal fat.By the way, for such cases, not only does not look attractive, but also leads to an increase in insulin levels, a number of development of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Beer belly Beer belly - the result of the presence of unoxidized products in the abdominal cavity.Beer itself does not affect the enzymes which provide cleavage timely.However, most often it is used cold, which affects the action of enzymes, slowing it down, or at all entail the loss of their properties.It is easy to conclude that the "beer" belly - the lot, not only beer lovers, but lovers of ice cream and cold fizzy drinks.

Excess fat on the sides and belly can be a result of inadequate amounts of oxygen in the body.Organism oxygen enriched successfully combats malignancies and obesity.

age factor, nerve strain and stress - causes of decreased testosterone levels, which in turn negatively affects the external appearance of a man.

Despite the long list of reasons for the decision can be found in well-chosen set of exercises, which, together with a revised diet afford to get a good result.

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Exercises, fat burners

The following exercise allows you to remove extra inches from the sides and belly, do not require a visit to the gym.Special equipment and can be performed at home.

main condition for obtaining a good result - the systematic, complex must be performed three times a week.

swing press Take the starting position: lying on your back, bend your legs at the knees.Rolled towel, hold the knees.At maximum compression towels lift the torso, lock the position for a few seconds.On the exhale, relax your muscles, repeat the exercise 10 times.

following exercise is performed with the same starting position, but the legs must be raised by 60 ° relative to the plane of the floor.The effectiveness of the exercises and the speed of burning fat from the abdomen of men determined by the amount of time that you are able to fix the position on inspiration.If you have just started to do the exercise and you are having difficulty, increase the angle of lifting legs.

When combining the 2 exercises can get a good package that allows to remove the hated centimeters.Taking the initial position - lying is not back, lift the torso, pulling your knees and lifting them by 60 ° relative to the floor surface.At the time of pulling the legs, pull the shoulder blades and lift the shoulder blades.

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How to remove fat in the abdomen?

In the bottom of the belly fat settles especially firmly and stubbornly resists the measures taken.The complex of 5 exercises to perform at home to help attain desired shapes.

The lateral twisting Exercises, which removed the extra inches with the lower abdomen, known since schooldays.Take the starting position: feet on the pelvic bones width apart, hands on his belt.Plunging the stomach by the lower abdominal muscles tighten forces right knee to the waist.In this position, do 15 sit-ups on the left leg.Change the foot and repeat the approach.

Straighten your back, put his hands on her waist.Pull the belly and stretch the lower ribs to the pelvic bones.In this position, with the most strained abdominal muscles move the weight on his left leg, and pull the right side.Change legs carried jump.Note that they need to move parallel to the wall.exercise time - 2 minutes.

main condition for obtaining a good result - the retraction of the abdomen during the exercise.Starting position: back straight, feet put on the pelvic bones, abdomen retract width.Get down into a squat so that your thighs are parallel to the floor, tilt the body and stretch your left hand to the right foot.In the process of twisting the maximum tighten the press.The number of repetitions - 15 times for each side.

The simplest exercises are performed correctly slopes.Standing straight, move your body weight on one leg.Straight stretch the body so that the palms reached the level of mid-calf.Exercise is carried out at a slow pace of 15 times on each leg.

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complex with a hula-hoop, fitball and dumbbells

Exercises on fitball So how to remove fat from the abdomen can only be time-consuming and hard work, will help to diversify the range of use of the various tools available.

hula-hoop can not only remove fat from the abdomen for men, but also to lighten the mood.In combination with other exercises will be enough 10-minute workout.The advantage of such an agent lies in the possibility of using the house.

answer the question of how to remove fat from the sides, will serve as a complex with a fitball, which is able to give a good workout on the obliques.Lie on the ball side, resting his hand on the floor, straighten your legs.Straight leg raises up, completing 10 exercises, rest.So how to remove fat from the abdomen is not easy, you must perform a minimum of 4 approaches on each leg.

increase efficiency of each exercise, you can use the extra weight.Take the starting position: the dumbbells in your hands, feet shoulder width apart, back straight.Is inclined to the side, raise your hand up.The number of repetitions - 10 in each direction.

Due to work on the problem areas is possible to use individual target muscles.Oblique curl, leg rotation in the vise and lifting the legs in the vise are forced to work the obliques and remove hateful centimeters laterally.

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Yoga guard attractive figure

Yoga classes Yoga can truly be called an art that keeps body and soul harmony.Yoga exercises not only removed the excess fat, but also contribute to the improvement of the internal organs of the abdominal cavity.

Before the complex, it is necessary to conduct a warm-up, which takes less than 10 minutes.As a warm-up exercise can be used are known from the school physical education course.Otherwise you run the risk of sprains and joint damage. At home workout can be replaced by heating joints with circular movements of the fingers. Make emphasis on the wrists, elbows, shoulders, feet, hips and knees.

If you only will know the intricacies of yoga, do not attempt to correct the first time and with a maximum load to do the exercise.The main condition of yoga - well thought-out and gradual.This rule is important in the matter, as a man to remove his stomach and sides.

optimal schedule of training is to perform asanas every 3 days.The most effective is considered asanas performed in inverted poses, when the head is below the feet.Such assumptions, as the headstand or stand upside down, require a good physical preparation, in particular the strong hand and the vestibular apparatus.


  • Salamba Sarvangasana - a complicated name that is known among Europeans as "birch".Its implementation in the home is able to normalize the functioning of internal organs, which are located in the abdominal cavity, to facilitate the course of chronic diseases such as ulcer or gastritis, normalize digestion male.No less effective this asana as a preventive measure against cellulitis;
  • Uttanasana or "stretched pose."Its inclusion in the complex includes a number of home strong tilt forward, thanks to which strengthens the muscles of the abdomen and back, calm and rejuvenate the abdominal organs.Note the symmetry of postures in the performance, speed up the fat burning and make the shape of a symmetrical subject uttanasana conditions;
  • Janu Sirshasana used as asana, which strengthens the abdominal muscles, forming press, improves the functioning of the liver and spleen.When you sit down and straighten your back, bend your left knee and pull your left heel to the groin area.The right foot at this time should be straightened to form an obtuse angle to the left.Both arms extend forward of the right foot and grab your left wrist with your right hand.Once you manage to throw in his hands, slowly inhale, stretch your spine and lift it up.Press the left knee down and raise your hips, fix the provision in the fourth minute.


Now you know how the man remove the stomach, hips and extra centimeters.