What better cialis or viagra

There are many situations in which men carry their failures in intimate terms to other areas of life.As a rule, suffer from it in the first place their thriving careers, the family was disintegrating, and friends often strongly support such a man.Considering all these negative factors, it becomes quite clear that to leave such a problem without a solution, and even more so to let it take its course can not be in any case.To solve this dysfunction in today's world there are so many productive treatment.And just so all the world men have heard the names of drugs Viagra and Cialis.It is interesting to find out for themselves how best to take medical drug - Viagra or Cialis, and in doing so, we will try to help right now.

Cialis - a drug that helps men actively for they felt their strength again.containing tadalafil.All this is done due to the fact that during sexual stimulation is a local release of nitrogen, and this leads to increased permeability of blood through the vessels in the cavernous body of the

human penis.Also, a decrease in the tone of smooth muscles of the penis and increase the blood flow to the penile tissues, thereby enhancing erection.But it is worth saying that this tool, as well as Viagra did not assist in male sexual arousal.

Action active ingredient of the drug - Tadalafil is insignificant for the other systems of the body - we are talking about the cardiovascular system, liver, and human muscle tissue.Cialis does not alter the general characteristics of sperm on its quality, it does not change the level of the hormone testosterone.

It should again be noted that the effectiveness of the drug may begin its development only on the condition that a thorough sexual stimulation of erogenous zones was performed.The therapeutic effect begins to act on the expiration of not less than a quarter hour after ingestion.But the result of the admission of the drug is maintained for the next thirty-six hours, at least.

Naturally, Cialis - an active therapy for those men who suffer violation of a normal erection to perform sexual intercourse healthy.

accepted such treatment exclusively inside and is a nothing more than a tablet, coated in a shell.There is the following recommendation: tablets are taken whole and drink plenty of cold boiled water, juice, tea, but in any case, not alcohol.These tablets can drink irrespective of the mode of individual meals.But the most effective scheme of reception of Cialis with accuracy for individual men can determine only the attending physician.Usually assigned to receive 1 tablet 25-30 minutes before anticipated sexual intercourse.Do not exceed the maximum recommended daily dose - 1 tablet, as this can give a powerful impetus to the development of unwanted side effects for men.

Among the most common side effects of Cialis is to say the following:

there are real data To date, that excess doses specified in the product, are very dangerous for men's health.priapism can develop Rather, it is a phenomenon of prolonged erection more than in ordinary cases.In a situation when an erection retains its property of more than 4 hours, you should seek immediate medical attention, as prolonged erections can be a real cause of disease damage penile tissues and, furthermore, lead to long-term loss of potency.

Despite the fact that this drug is very beneficial effect on the potency of men, unfortunately, it is not a panacea for all men without exception, and therefore there are some contraindications to its use.

should be approached with extreme caution prescribed to patients who have an increased risk of priapism.This risk group includes patients with leukemia, anemia, myeloma, angular curvature of the penis or of the kidney and liver.

In case of overdose of this drug in patients could be observed the development of certain adverse reactions, but not especially dangerous for overall male health.therapeutic doses.With the development of signs of overdose in most cases, being symptomatic therapy.

First of all, it should be said that Viagra is never taken by men who are forced to take drugs that contain active substances nitrates.Why is there such a categorization?In the case of taking Viagra with the blood pressure drug has the potential to suddenly drop to a very dangerous life values.

Of course, it is a tablet used to treat impotence in men.It helps a lot of men, having a similar dysfunction get an erection and keep it for a long time under the condition of sexual excitement.

Viagra gives real opportunities to many men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, penis get reaction to the excitement.Only in the case of male sexual stimulation, Viagra will start to improve blood flow to the penis, filling it with blood to such an extent that there was a sufficient erection.Naturally, after the end of sexual intercourse and ejaculation, the penis comes to their usual state.

treating physician should be aware of receiving such medication in order to limit the possible negative effects on the body.And it is important to remember: if you have previously observed manifestations of hypersensitivity to the drug, so it is not necessary to use it at all.

should never start an independent use of Viagra, if there are cardiovascular disease, especially in severe!

way around Viagra has always been a lot of rumors.Now we will try to eradicate the major three false facts about these very necessary for men tablets.

What are the specific differences between Viagra and Cialis.

Without a doubt, the drug Viagra is a very common clinical experience of the world, because it has more than 15 years.Statistics is good news for men - more than 15 million men all over the world had the chance to recover from impotence, because it is the most studied of all known drugs for the return of erections.But, nevertheless, a little less well-known Cialis, still far exceeds Viagra on certain characteristics.Its main feature was the time of the drug in the whole 36 hours.Compared with Viagra this figure does not exceed 5 hours.By the way, Cialis can be quite safe to take with meals and even alcohol, but the combination of Viagra will have dire consequences.An important fact is, that the effective impact of Viagra comes after at least 45-60 minutes, but when taking Cialis, this time is reduced to half.

Cialis, although someone does not like it, but it works very smoothly and gently, that is does not lead to an instant erection.But at the same time and there is a gentle effect on the body of a man, because all the natural processes in such a way are not violated.

Viagra will always be worth more Cialis because it is considered the original drug from the European manufacturer.But in the case of the primary use of such drugs to improve the potency, and if in doubt, and fear of harm to themselves, it is best, of course, start taking Cialis.In this case, this decision must be confirmed by detailed consultation with the doctor.

So, the success of the men in the intimate sphere always belongs only to him alone.And if there are some problems, there will always be effective methods of treatment.The main thing - it's time to consult your doctor and choose a method of treatment of an individual.

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