How to take Viagra

C as long as the strong half of humanity has learned that you can greatly improve the quality of personal life thanks to Viagra, the world for them sparkle with new colors.Henceforth in men she woke again confidence in themselves and their abilities.It is proved that a man successful in the sexual life, and much more successful in their careers, and hobbies, and in communicating with friends.What can I say, any woman is pleasant, if a man sure of himself and always achieves the goal.Viagra is definitely it is the first assistant to the men, but the main thing - it is complying with all the necessary doctor's recommendations.So, how well and how often you can take this drug, read on.

Viagra is recommended to use about an hour before the future of intimate contact.Thus it is necessary to observe the dosage which was discharged physician individually in each case, male.In most cases, a time taken for one tablet preparation, which contains 50 milligrams of active substances effective.But the dose always dep

ends on the effect that is needed for each particular man.Therefore, the dosage can be reduced to a half of a tablet that is up to 25 mg or in some cases up to two tablets will increase and be as much as 100 mg.

proved that the drug called Viagra begins its active effect approximately thirty minutes after her the tablets were taken.As for the duration of the desired effect, it is in compliance with all regulations, is approximately 4-5 hours.But only on the condition of intense sexual arousal it is possible to achieve an erection right after 30 minutes after administration.The effect can be maintained for at least 4-5 hours.We remind you that if you use Viagra with fatty foods, then expect the effect will have a little longer, because such food slows the absorption of the active substance in the blood.It is said that the waiting lines may increase to undesirable hour or two, that in matters amorous, as is known, not very much, and welcome.

Yet the treatment of impotence, Viagra, you should not forget about some useful tips that will improve the quality and effect of Viagra love life.

must present a romantic mood for intimacy with a woman.

The man, first of all, need to wake up a sincere desire.After all, the drug can only help only in case of prior sexual arousal.Naturally, at the end of sexual intercourse the erection goes, and reappears if there is the appearance of sexual arousal.

necessary to wait for the time of the drug with tranquility.

Viagra is well-known property work and delivered a man self-confidence for four to five hours.Probably the majority of men agree that this is a sufficient amount of time to completely relieve stress, escape from the unimportant things and to focus completely on what to get and give women full satisfaction.That is, if in the arsenal of actions available for four hours, it is quite the best option for all future plan of action for the evening or at night.In some cases, the drug may proceed much faster than 30 minutes, say fifteen minutes.To this it was not unexpected surprise, after all it is better to prepare and take Viagra about an hour before close.

desirable to comply with restrictions on food.

Viagra - the drug is so effective that it will return an erection, regardless of the nature of the food, which was previously accepted.We say that a romantic dinner is absolutely not an obstacle to the adoption of Viagra, quite the contrary, because it will only benefit the relaxation and pleasant time waiting.The only thing we should not forget is the fact the so-called dense snack prolong the effect of the action of Viagra, but will leave the expected result.

Wish realistic goals.

Most men noted the effectiveness of Viagra even from its first techniques.It does not matter if the characteristics of the organism some men require more attempts, because in this way the body wants to tune in to an active treatment and therapy.Do not give up after the first failure, as it should be seen as a further step towards the improvement of life.Clinically proven one hundred per cent, this erection stimulant will certainly help four of the five men, even when there are serious problems with potency.Out of this situation is simple: you have to try to take these pills next time, and without exceeding the maximum daily dose of one hundred milligrams.If you strictly follow the instructions regarding dosage, then Viagra can be taken safely regularly, even daily, without any hint of negative consequences.If the consequence of prolonged and regular use of Viagra is still not happy with the effect of the application, the rational solution would be a little bit to adjust the dose, after consultation with the doctor.It often happens that it is the correct selection of the correct dose individually and modifies the intimate lives of the best indicators.

Just do not forget that alcohol alters the ability of men to achieve an erection.It is important, as they say, do not overdo it.If there is a decision of a small amount of light alcohol, for example, a glass or two of dry or sparkling wine, it will only improve the situation and give a feeling of looseness.It is proved that alcohol reasonable measures are absolutely no effect on the pharmacological action of Viagra.But if alcohol abuse was found, it is unlikely that the drunk man can be responsible for their actions, and even how to maintain sexual desire and erection.But not all so sad and categorically.In fact, alcohol and Viagra can safely be combined, however, subject to a small portion of strong drink.

question of how often you can take Viagra, is still debatable.After all, this question really care about men, since we are talking about their health.Men have specific phobias - firstly, they are afraid that this sexual stimulant necessarily harm their health, and, secondly, the body "get used" and possibly unlearn maintain an erection on their own.In fact such fears are unfounded, because for more than fifteen years of its existence has been repeatedly exposed to the drug research and tests on a large number of patients with erectile dysfunction.

Clinically proven tests have shown that long-term use of Viagra is no longer a danger to the body.It is proved that it is not valid or the nervous system or the genitourinary system, and in particular to an erection.In addition, the use of Viagra as a drug to improve erection during the regular period for more than three years, qualitatively changes the potency.

other words, Viagra not only treats a symptomatic impotence and it is engaged in therapeutic treatment.To some extent, this is still a sexual stimulant acts as a sedative.Many representatives of the stronger sex know the situation, when one bad experience provokes the appearance of fear following possible failures, and nothing motivated.Very quickly, a man obsessed with fear, a sense of insecurity in their abilities and capabilities.A regular use of the drug helps a patient to be successful in the intimate sphere.

again want to assure all the men that even the long and frequent reception of Viagra can not absolutely have a negative impact on the body of a man.It is not necessary to believe that these pills help blocking nerve impulses, which provide a healthy and natural erection, since such false information there is no medical evidence.Doctors unanimously say that if the patient erectile dysfunction within one year of intensive medical treatment to accept this, then he is greatly improved situational erection in particular, and the state of potency itself gradually, a little slow, but steadily returning to normal.

As a conclusion, we can once again be noted that the scheme of taking Viagra is not too difficult, the main thing - it is to comply with its clear dosage to minimize fat intake, and hope for the best, that is, to believe that a better future will surely come!