This concept is very important for men.After all, by and large it is an indicator of erection and physical and mental health representatives of a strong half of mankind.How is this process and what affects it?How can I improve erection?

erection - it fizilogichesky mechanism.Male penis consists of spongy cavernous and bodies.In a relaxed, calm state in these bodies do not have blood.But at the moment of sexual arousal blood fills them.At the same sciatic-cavernous muscles at the base of the penis contract and cover the outflow of blood from the cavernous and spongy bodies.So keep an erection.

Based on the mechanism of erection, it can be concluded that the causes of its deterioration are as bad vessels and problems with the nervous system of man.

There are several types of erection:

To cope with the existing problems, it is necessary to find out their causes.Thus, factors that reduce the erection much:

to improve erection, it is first necessary to eliminate the above-mentioned factors.Additional m

easures to improve potency are as follows:

man must realize that only a comprehensive approach will help restore impaired or lost erection.If you drink the grass, eating aphrodisiac and does not change the usual lack of exercise, the results you will have to wait very long.