Weak erection

weak erection dysfunction called male sexual organ in which it can not carry out a full sexual act.Normally, an erection of the penis accompanied by an increase as a result of which it becomes elastic.However, the weakness of this function is very different picture - even under the action of excitatory fondling penis remains soft and flaccid.It is important to note that the erection problems is accompanied by many men, and do not always lead to impotence and other serious diseases.Alarmed should only if this state lasts for 3-6 months.Therefore, if you are faced with a weak erection once, then advance to panic and not to worry.Well, the main causes of this disorder and its methods of removal, we will tell our today's publication.

To begin with, there are many reasons that can affect the development of weak erection.They are conventionally divided into physical and psychological.Physical factors affecting the weakening of erection, are the trauma of the pelvic organs, nerves and blood vessels, the pathol

ogy of the male organs, neurological diseases, disorders of the blood flow of processes in the arteries and veins of the penis, endocrine diseases, as well as alcohol abuse, drug use and certain medications.

With regard to psychological factors affecting the operation of the reproductive system and the ability of male genitals to eregirovaniyu, the suspects include frequent stress, neurosis, depression.And here the weakening of erectile function appears gradually: sexual desire remains, but the erection itself can not occur during sexual intercourse or an abyss at the most inopportune moment.

determine the exact cause of the disorder can help the urologist, a psychologist and a number of other experts, if the problem is related to chronic diseases.A survey carried out with a weak erection with the help of special equipment, which allows to identify defects of the penis, to investigate the tone of blood vessels and conduction of nerve impulses and the response to them on the part of the brain.

However, if you have guessed what was the cause of weak erections, it is possible to resolve this problem on their own.This applies to psychological factors.To establish the sex life and the relationship with your partner will help a good rest, avoiding harmful habits and an active lifestyle.As for the treatment of disorders, in addition to the psychotherapeutic method and medical intervention in case of serious pathologies can use and surgery.Depending on the causes of the disease your doctor will prescribe the most effective treatment.

to treat weak erection quite frequently used medication, but the pills dispensed based on physiology and age of each man individually.Therefore, to use drugs without the consent of your doctor in any case impossible.

Another very effective treatment for weak erection is a method of vacuum-constrictor therapy.Here, special pumps are used and the rubber ring, which create a negative pressure on the cavernous body of the penis and cause blood flow to the penis, enhancing an erection.Rings superimposed in the base member, and keep an erection restricted venous outflow.This erect penis may persist for up to 30 minutes.

As for surgery, this method is used in serious pathologies of the penis, perineum trauma and vascular disorders.Also, in some cases, the use of penile implantation.However, this treatment option is used when none of the above methods did not provide a positive result.

In conclusion, a weak erection - not a sentence, but it is solvable problem.Therefore, if you are faced with this disease, do not hesitate to ask for professional help to regain a healthy sex life.