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Coding smoking

coding is one of the methods to get rid of nicotine addiction, to which resorted to extreme cases.The reason for this is the high cost of the procedure, and questionable efficacy.Moreover, not every smoker decides to visit a doctor who will "dig in his head", so, before turning to this method of quitting, we recommend that you understand the mechanism of coding.

Let's start with the fact that any coding is based on the fact that the cause of human aversion to smoking by binding human consciousness smoking with emotions such as disgust, pain and fear.Simply put, in the process of coding a person smoking process causes rejection.To date, species coding smoking enough from home to unique methods of copyright.However, the most popular encoding methods are coding acupuncture and hypnosis NLP.It is these encoding methods, we want to talk about today in our publication.

Coding smoking acupuncture - the most popular method of smoking cessation, which excludes direct effect on the human psyche.However, the "pla

cebo effect" is present.The method consists in the fact that at certain points on the skin are administered finest needle.According to the principles of acupuncture during their activation is removed craving to smoke, improves the function of the respiratory system, stabilizes the nervous system.Duration of treatment and a course of treatment depends on the stage of nicotine addiction and on the individual smoker.

The advantages of acupuncture on smoking is the absence of a direct impact on the patient's psyche, painless and low cost procedure.Moreover, acupuncture requires no effort on the part of the patient.

The negative side of acupuncture include the risk of infection, because the integrity of the skin is disturbed during the procedure.Also acupuncture is not recommended if the vessels are close to the skin surface.Also, acupuncture is quite a wide range of contraindications, which should be considered, too.Acupuncture is performed strictly in a hospital, you may need to treat three to twenty visits to the medical institution.

important to note that before attending a session of acupuncture patient is better not to smoke for 8-10 hours before it starts.This will achieve the best outcomes.Moreover, the method of acupuncture is effective in most cases, those who have nicotine addiction is not very large.In more complex cases, you may need a slightly different technique.For example, you may provide "worn" in a week special microneedles that affect biotochki the same as the conventional acupuncture.The only difference is the duration of the exposure.

In general, the goal of acupuncture treatment of nicotine addiction syndrome is the suppression of dependence on smoking, nicotine excretion from the body and the formation of an aversion to smoking.However, pregnant women and people with cancer, this method is not suitable.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming - the method of hypnosis, which works directly with 'reflex' smoking.So called moments when a person lights a cigarette on the machine.

purpose of NLP - eliminate the reflex urge to smoke, as well as to make sure that people could quit smoking in a relatively short period of time.Such methods include audiogipnoz, such as Paul McKenna, which we will discuss below.

method audiogipnoza American hypnotherapist Paul McKenna is based on the rejection of the idea that the patient and smoking are inextricably linked.In this form of hypnosis there are some promises that help the smoker to completely abandon the bad habit.Moreover, this method is recommended for use even smokers with great experience.

By practicing the method of hypnotic induction, which will be widely distributed in NLP.This method involves immersion in a trance and activation of specific areas of the patient's brain.It is actively used imaging technique and breathing techniques which help to achieve a state of relaxation.During hypnosis occurs suggestion settings liberation from smoking.There are also special exercises designed to strengthen the effect.Resorting to sessions audiogipnoza should be daily.The course lasts for three weeks, but may take longer, since the individual human mind.

also NLP hypnosis method and include independent study of literature (Allen Carr), and the practice of self-hypnosis, and videos to help you get rid of smoking.Anything that makes you feel an aversion to smoking, hypnosis and NLP is.

The advantages of NLP hypnosis belongs painless, no discomfort, possibility of both individual and group sessions.In many modern centers hypnosis service is provided in conjunction with advice from a therapist or psychologist.

Among the disadvantages are distinguished the high cost of treatment, especially if the hypnosis technique requires more than one session.Also, there is some risk associated with interference in the mental processes of the body.In fairness it should be noted that often in the guise of hypnotherapists are the charlatans.Oh, and finally: not all people are susceptible to hypnosis, so this method is not suitable for everyone.

In conclusion, before coding in hospitals, the patient must sign a paper, which means that it comes to the treatment voluntarily and is aware of the possible consequences of coding.The fact is that in some cases hypnosis causes that the person is under constant pressure, and lives in the bay, and this may bring up to a psychiatric hospital.However, in most cases, people simply relieves stress ... a cigarette.Feeling that hypnosis did not work, the smoker may begin to smoke even more.

On this basis, it should be noted that the address to the encoding method is better as the very least.Even such a seemingly simple method "for the weak-willed" can lead to unpredictable consequences.And when you consider that there are safer methods of quitting, the question arises: why risk your mental health by encoding?

Take care of yourself and do not get sick!

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